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Thank You…..Mr. Landlord(s)

Besides a whole lot of weeding and planting there have been some other things that have going on in the hood. People have been moving into this old neighborhood courtesy of the many “For Rent” signs and “word of mouth networking” that goes around here. Word of mouth networking is how you keep your money on the “down low”.

The section of the street where the husband and I live, OWN – not STAY, has become infested with trash. Non respecting, ghetto-trash. It was one thing when there was one family – I think they are a family – not so sure who really lives there still to this date. Hey, at least these folks I can work with.

Now there are more homes rented out and they bring others with them. I have no tolerance left in me for ignorant people. The whole vibe of our street has changed within a week. I think an exorcism is in order, along with a Rabbi, Voodoo Priestess, Minster, Bishop, Reverend and whomever I missed. Cleanse the bad mojo that has been bestowed upon us quickly I say.
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The Little City that Couldn’t

Got that stiff drink?

My city is dying!

I wish I had something good to say, but in reality I just don’t. I am a hostage in my own city. I thought it was just me being an outsider and all, but after talking to some other transplants I found out that this city is the master of lies.

I refer to my city as an addict; it attempts to do the same things over and over expecting a different result. An addict’s primary goal is to seek out that old first time feeling. Ah, when life was good, when a simple fix did the job.

Well, there are no simple fixes, life is not good, and the industry is gone. Its time to go to rehab and learn to live a different way of life.

The old way no longer works, has not worked and will never work again. For some strange reason they just don’t seem to grasp this idea. So to break it down further with a plan included, it goes something like this:

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