Thank You…..Mr. Landlord(s)

Besides a whole lot of weeding and planting there have been some other things that have going on in the hood. People have been moving into this old neighborhood courtesy of the many “For Rent” signs and “word of mouth networking” that goes around here. Word of mouth networking is how you keep your money on the “down low”.

The section of the street where the husband and I live, OWN – not STAY, has become infested with trash. Non respecting, ghetto-trash. It was one thing when there was one family – I think they are a family – not so sure who really lives there still to this date. Hey, at least these folks I can work with.

Now there are more homes rented out and they bring others with them. I have no tolerance left in me for ignorant people. The whole vibe of our street has changed within a week. I think an exorcism is in order, along with a Rabbi, Voodoo Priestess, Minster, Bishop, Reverend and whomever I missed. Cleanse the bad mojo that has been bestowed upon us quickly I say.

I’m pissed and tired of all the section 8 and all the slumlords that our the city allows to infest our neighborhoods. I’m not saying that all landlords are bad, just many are bad in my city because they do not comprehend the impact they cause. I guess one would say that they are blinded by dollars.

Why does the city allow this to go on you ask, it’s simple. People equal numbers, numbers equal dollars. Housing filled is better than housing that is empty (I would like to debate that issue) and they don’t give a shit about quality, only quantity. Like I said I live in a city that has no standards of any sort. This City doesn’t have a clue what the word quality means. This city has no direction, they will tell you otherwise, except one way – and that is down. My city is a big huge SOCIAL FAILURE! They of course will never acknowledge the error of their ways because why learn from history, why not learn from others who had made the same mistakes? Here’s a clue for the boys and girls in the ivory tower, open up your eyes and really see with them for a change. No – not here, we will keep our eyes closed and make the same mistakes over and over. We like to borrow money (Even though we can’t pay it back) and each time a bond is cut and sold it will be at a higher interest rate (our bond rating is that bad) and we will continue to go further into the abyss. Kinda reminds me of all the check cashing places here.

Here’s a thought ivory tower people, if you had quality people you would need less resources. Home values would increase, schools would be better, blah, blah, blah. It’s like beating a dead horse with these people. So, this only leads for me to believe that this is how they want it. They want their city to be a ghetto or believe me, things would be very different around here. I have lived in enough cities to know that life is really different on the other side.

The husband said today as we crossed over from a neighboring city back into our own. “GHETTO! – Look at it – it’s everywhere!”

I just need for someone to answer me one question. Why is it that renters who want to live in a nice neighborhood, it is the first thing they will ask about, when they move in they allow all the ghetto-ness to come with them?

I will end this rant on this note: I am a firm believer that many things in life should not be given so freely. Many things in life should be earned. I believe in teaching people to fish, not feeding them. I used to make excuses for people not making an attempt to be responsible for themselves, I no longer do that. When I see my MR neighbor and his wife who has Down’s Syndrome making attempts of being responsible and the more than capable individuals who grace my block sitting day after day on the front porches, drinking, smoking their stuff, doing nothing – I stopped making excuses, for there are none.

I wrote this piece last night when I had a slight melt down. It was nothing compared to what came later. People I don’t drop the “N” word – I don’t drop the F-bomb like it is the word “um”. It is Offensive, Negative, and down right Disrespectful. There is nothing more disgusting than when it comes off the lips of a bunch of minors.

Here are the rules: Now use these words, every other word, in your best ghetto speak. You cannot use one word of intelligence only complete nonsense. You need to drive home the fact of just how illiterate you are. Use your best outside voice for there are no adults around and you think that you are really cool. You’re going to do this for about 15 minutes, leave come back (it’s now after 11:00 p.m.) and do it some more because hey, you don’t live here, you don’t have to go to work, and in your disillusioned little mind you really think that you are just a disrespecting wannabe gangsta! Come on, give it a shot.

Had this been a different era a really good bar of soap would do the trick, since it is not I know I need to have a calm conversation with my neighbor (I know her) about the ghetto trash company her kid is keeping and bringing into our neighborhood. I guess I have a slight case of PTSD due to a summer about 9 years ago with these people. Certain language will make my chest tighten, my head spin, cause extreme anxiety, loss of sleep and raise my blood pressure – who knew?

I repeat over and over “we will out-last them, because we always do”.

Thank you for letting me rant, I really needed to get that off my chest.


2 Responses to “Thank You…..Mr. Landlord(s)”

  1. 1 Karen Anne June 17, 2010 at 8:48 AM

    I really feel for you. I had neighbors from hell move in, the landlord did nothing despite many complaints, the police were totally ineffective. Such stress, I hated to come home after work.

    Finally, after a year, one of them locked himself out and got in by smashing a hole in the drywall. That got them evicted.

    At least that was a one of problem, though, yours sounds so much worse. Are there any decent neighbors you could band together with to do anything? (What, I have no idea.)

  2. 2 Michele June 17, 2010 at 6:21 PM

    Karen Anne,

    Thanks for the feed back.

    I feel for you and what people don’t understand is that when you are subjected for a long enough period of time it really does things to your spirit. Mentally it takes such a toll on a person that you feel like you are crazy. I would also hate to come home, and the constant anger – oh my – it was awful. I could have easily killed someone back then and not thought twice about it. That is scary.

    What I find is a most interesting situation. It is odd when work and your personal life come to the crossroads. I’m not at liberty to go into details but I welcome any higher ups I work for to come an have dinner with the husband and I. I will leave it at that.

    The other situation I will have to have a personal one on one talk with the mom. I feel bad about that because she is really sick and her kids should be doing all they can to make her life as peaceful as possible. I know for fact that this is not where the mom wants to be. She had to give up her home because of the situation she found herself in. It’s a bad deal all the way around. I feel that horrible for her and someday I’ll share why.

    However, even with all that the one neighbor behind is a huge alley in keeping peace in the neighborhood. We have banned together before and we will again.

    Like I said we will out last them, we always do. If you find yourself in that situation again and someday you will, repeat it over and over. The homeowner will always outlast the ghetto renter, it’s only a matter of time.

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