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What lurks Below

A foundation must be solid, no? Well, the house actually had one make that FOUR bad walls. Her bones – not so good after all.

Trying to find the right contractor in this city.

The contractor line up:

Contractor One – actually told us that we were not going to rebuild the wall – WHAT have you lost your mind dude; the block is cracked and shifting out of place. We were not going to replace the storm drain and instead we were going to install french drains. I don’t think so – what an ass, next.

Contractor Number Two – told us $7,800.00 and that was just the one wall, drain tiles, sump and 2-4 feet of lag – next.

Contractor Number Three – this guy was way over priced. “Why did you Mr Contractor Number Three waste our time?” Just tell us that you didn’t want the job. Next.

Husband and I almost blew the last guy off, we figured either it would be more of the same or he would say the key words we were looking for. Yes, we spoke with a trusted contractor friend from another city to get information on what to look for as we interviewed possible contenders. A side note, Contractors from other city’s do not like to work in my city due all the nonsense that is involved.

Contractor Number Four – showed up on time, he starts to measure, looks down the walls, gets up on a chair and starts to diagnose what we really have going on. It isn’t pretty, every one of the walls are going, every single one of them – just that the east wall is the worst one – I could actually stick my pinkie in it. He was the 1st contractor to even point this out and he was correct in the diagnoses  – we are looking at a huge expense.

Well, not really that huge, if you add inflation over a period of 3-5 years. We saved huge money by doing the whole job at once. I already knew this from remembering a customer who spent over $15,000 in 10 years to fix the same wall. The beauty of this was we paid a little more, got a sump, glass block windows, new drain tiles, a new porch, water sealed, trucks full of lag, compliant with building code and a mildew free basement.

Priceless, just priceless.

I would suggest however that if you have a dog or dogs, medium to large in size take them to a kennel and board them. Trust me on this.

In the spirit of suggestions, also line up a Electrician and a plumber unless otherwise stated in your contract.

So here are some pictures for your amusement of living in your home while your basement is being rebuilt below your feet. By the way the crew was in and out of here in 7 days. That has been the largest job we have done to this house so far.

head contractor guy

head contractor guy


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