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Things here have been busy.

A stainless top to install.

Trim – it is amazing what the illusion of color will do for a room.

Couches to make, at least the frames. There are 2 which are 66″ X 33″ and 2 which are 33″ X 33″ – need to find the right salvaged doors to finish them.

Pillows to make.

Finished Floor. B wants me to give it a little more love.

In the midst of all of things that had to be finished and made, we hung out with friends and engaged in life. There are still many little things that need to be done and the major one is finding proper kitchen lighting.

The weather is getting warmer here up north and I am itching to get busy in the yard. The front yard needs spring and summer plants and the back 40 needs an over-haul. The husband and I will be spending much time straightening out the mess that occurred due to the rebuilding of the basement. That part of the yard has always been the last to be addressed because we really didn’t know what to do with it. The husband is always saying “less grass”. So, in keeping in spirit of the whole “less grass” movement the husband and I have much landscaping brain storming ahead of us.


Kitchen – Phase 2

Photo Time: There are only 2 because we still need to seal the top which will give it a different shine, therefore a different look.

The sink is in.

The faucet is in.

The granite is installed.

There are switch plates to install yet and after talking with “B” I’m going to do something special involving stone above the granite back splash. I’m excited about this little project where I get to tap into my artsy side, this usually only happens when I’m landscaping these days.

The stainless top will be done by the end of the week as well as the stainless for the side of the stove.

So here is a funny story, well not really, as the guys were drilling the hole for the faucet a cloud of white dust was spewing from their shop vac. The filter came off and well lets say they really need a new shop vac. I loaned them mine to finish the job. Our home is covered in granite dust, fine nasty granite dust, does anything go right on a job anymore. I’m off to clean up the shit.

Happy V-Day to us!

It has been a while, I know. Work has been CRAZY. There are no other words to describe the mayhem I walk into every morning now. There have been snow storms which had set the kitchen reno back a good week. There have been miss communication with the granite peeps which set things back – Damn e-mail. All is good now.

Today is the day when the cabinets are coming! WOOT!!!!!

There will be photo’s to take, photo’s to upload, and photo’s for all to see.

Tomorrow the granite will be installed. WOOT!!!

By the end of the week I expect to see the stainless top done and installed, if not sooner.

Things are moving fast and after waiting for almost 5 years to find the right people, who will not rip you off, I will be doing cartwheels when it is finally done.

There is still the issue of lighting that we need to make decisions about. I can wait a bit longer on lighting it’s a huge decision and we’ll let the kitchen speak to us about what type and what is appropriate for the space.

Stay tuned…time to rip out the last kitchen cabinet and the sink.

Black Stuff – GONE!!!

The Time was 10:30 p.m. as the last of the tar paper black stuff was lifted off the floor.

These are the must haves when one is going to take on a project like this:
Get out the phone book and turn to massage therapy, write that number down – call and make an appointment one month from that day. The next important task you’ll need to do is find the calmest radio station – classical music, we’ll say, and save it – trust me – in the beginning of this project you will need it. I call it a precautionary measure so sharp objects like a 5-in-1 doesn’t end up being thrown like a Chinese Star at the wall. When acceptance sets in that this is going to take what seems like forever then you can switch to whatever music pleases you. For me, I started with classical/new age music then moved to alternative rock. The last thing you will need is your favorite beverage of the spirit kind. Go and splurge on yourself, buy the most expensive, bring it home, now put it away. When the last of the tar paper black shit is removed and the nasty glue that accompanies it, you will be celebrating. There will be high fives, and a huge relief that the last piece of black tar paper/glue shit has been forever removed from the inside of your home. I forgot the most important thing patience – huge amounts of patience. You will need at times to call upon it, again, so a 5-in-1/your favorite sharp object doesn’t end up being used like a Chinese Star.

I don’t know why, but for me this was more important than the supply list of buckets, garbage bags, roll upon roll of paper towels (party back), 5-in-1, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, spray bottles, hot water, sponges (party back), and gloves (party back). Yes, I broke down and used the rubber gloves.

Note: If you get the tar paper, glue shit on your favorite work clothes the dawn dish soap will take it right out, so the husband tells me.

Nope! It’s not done Yet.

Now that the holidays are over – do Birthday’s count as holidays when they’re close to the holidays? If they count as a holiday then it isn’t over.

The Husband turned the big – I wont do that to him – and a close friend of ours is also celebrating. This Saturday birthday’s will be celebrated with good food and good drinks with superb company.

All has not been lost these past weeks. There was granite to order for the new sink cabinet. There was a stainless to order for the stand alone cabinet. Then there was a stainless back-splash that was ordered as well. Finding the right paint color was also an interesting task. It is always important to remember all to pieces/parts when picking paint color.

So here is where I am at with the bloody all hell floor. Please don’t ask me how many hours I have logged in on this puppy because I have literally lost track. Lets just say every day that I am off the floor and I spend a quantity of time together, we’ll just leave it at that.

Just a Peek

I took a little trip yesterday to see this:

I could get into the whole story of how it felt that the forces we’re not in my favor of me getting to my destination. Naaah, not worth ruining the moment.

We are a couple weeks behind schedule on the cabinets and the husband and I are happy about it. It takes some of the pressure off of us to complete the kitchen floor and walls within the week. The Progress of the floor has been so slow it is starting to remind me of a government project.

The floor and I needed a break from one another in order to protect the walls. I was having many thoughts of throwing the 5-in-1 to see if it would stick in our kitchen wall like a Chinese star – I would say this kind of thinking warrants a break.

This afternoon we will meet with the cabinet guy to drop off the apron front sink at our usual halfway meet up point. There appears to be a slight mis-communication, mis-understanding about how the sink actually fits with the whole cabinet. No big deal really, just some minor adjustments have to be made.

Off now to hunt down some specifications for the sink.

Below the Black Stuff

I e-mailed Larry over at Simpson’s Folly for a conformation on the soap and water to remove black stuff and glue.  Thank you again Larry for the suggestion and the laughs.  I told Larry that if I ever heard anyone talk about gluing any flooring, of any type, that I would hit them over the head with a frying pan. This act is for the next person who will someday have to remove it.  Larry suggested that I should slather them with the glue before they wake up.  I like that idea, I like that idea a lot.

Nothing like good ole behavior modification.  Better think twice before putting any glue, on any floor  – stupid.  How in the hell do you plan on replacing that floor when it wears out?  I know – put sub floor over, glue and new floor.  WHACK – up the side of the head again with the frying pan until they utter the words – “floating floor system”.

I started at the worst possible section of our kitchen.  I knew the fools would have used heavy amounts of glue in the corner and along the edge. This is my process of what I did to remove the “Stuff” off our floors and I take no responsibility if anyone tries this on their floors.

I had my favorite hand tool, a 5-in-1.  A bucket full of hot soapy water. One empty bucket with a garbage bag for the black tar paper/glue stuff. A clean sponge – not so clean any longer. A new roll of paper towels. My best bud in the world – my friend the iron.  For this floor, the key was hot soapy water, steam to keep it hot and wet, then scrub, scrub, scrub that hot mess off as fast as possible and keep moving.

A note about the steam iron: I do not put it on the floor. I hold it about an inch over the spot that I am working on to keep it moist.

I found out early on that if the glue was allowed to get cold it becomes rather brittle – what a pain. The soapy water must be changed often, it becomes gross very quickly. Keeping the edge of you scraping device clean at all times is a must or the black tar paper glue stuff will collect on the edge making scraping difficult.

So this is how far I got in a couple hours. Things began to move quickly when I got the process down.

Today I am going to take off the rest of the woodwork and see how far I get with the cleaning of the floor. I noticed that the one baseboard is rotted out along the bottom edge. I wonder what is below that.

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