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Bring on the Wet Stuff – Rain that is!

It’s 6:00 a.m. and I hear the sound of water overflowing a gutter.

The husband is up, dressed and down stairs. I hear the front door open then I drift off back to dream land. Well, that lasted a whole 20 minutes when I hear it pouring down rain and the overflowing gutter – this would be the neighbors gutter not ours – I figure I better get up and go check things out.

There shall be nothing more beautiful than the reflection of water in a rain garden. Yes, even in the dark.

There is nothing more pleasing that a swale that runs and removes unwanted water so it may not end up in your drain tiles in which your sump has to work extra hard to pump it out. This my friends is how my morning started and indeed to was going to be a beautiful day – Mother Nature you can bring it on – rain that is.

Mother Nature did bring it on and the husband shot these of the swale this morning while I was at work. Yes, in the rain which is why there are no photos of the rain garden. Water and a camera not made for such wet outings don’t mix well. The camera is working – kinda – at the moment since it had enough time to dry out – sort of. For your pleasure as well as mine, and a huge thank you to “B”, one working swale.

As I write this my ghetto neighbors are having a ghetto moment. I will not repeat what is being shouted, from across the street, for your ears may burn and fall off.


It’s soooo NOT Working

Now I have posted about how hot and dry it was here – and over the last couple days we have had some bouts of rain. Nothing to get real excited over, I will tell you, until yesterday afternoon.

We have been waiting for some sort of rain event to test the swale. Yesterday when the heavens opened up and it poured like a mother, well…we have major issues with the swale. There is not one, but 2 low spots. From this point on, the swale has a new name – “The Damn Swale”.

I realize that since the side yard was tilled it has not rained enough to start settling the dirt, so what appeared to look like it should work, became apparent that it does not. So after lunch the husband and I grabbed rakes and shovels and began to address the low spots. Yes, this would be in the pouring rain. We shaped, smoothed, and shoved the damn swale. We must have looked like two complete morons to the cars that would pass by.

We did get the damn thing moving – kinda – but in the process had collected – on the bottoms of our boots – two inches of nasty sliminess (which I call mash potatoes) – a completely saturated clay soil mix.

This crap adhered to our boots – which as you walk – picks up everything you step on. So now there are tree twigs, gravel and other various crap mixed in the clay mash potatoes which now has just added to my frustration because the damn water will not move through the one part of the swale. I snapped at the husband because, well, I was frustrated and he happened to be there. Yes I did apologize for my little outburst.

I will be calling “B” to bring the transit over and find out exactly where this thing is failing and fix it.

As you can probably tell I am more concerned with the property next door than our own. The damn swale needs to work so that our sumps are not working over-time to drain all the water that is getting held up between the two houses. AHHH the frustration!

Now on a happy note: Rain garden one is working and oddly enough it is only roughed in. The downspout is not even set up properly.

The sweet peat is coming in on Monday and the weather is cooler. The husband and I went tree/shrub shopping yesterday after it stopped raining and we are deciding which shrubs would be best for the space. Should it be Red Dogwoods or Witch Hazel?

It looks like rain again.
Great. Just great.

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