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When it Rains, it Pours – or Not

Wasn’t I just complaining about how much rain we’ve been getting?

Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Well, the truth is that we were getting a lot of rain – which if one is prone to doing some gardening – can be a good thing.

About 5 years ago we purchased three 50-gallon rain barrels.  An environmental and financial good idea.  Water with the rainfall, save some cash and divert some of the water from the over-worked storm sewers.  And for 5 years it’s been a very win-win situation.

One of the lessons we have learned is that during a typical summer rain storm, the amount of roof run-off into the gutters then into the rain barrels is amazing.  50 gallons fills in virtually no time at all.  After about a 2 hour steady rain – 150 gallons of rain water is at our service.

Only on very rare occasions have we had to resort to dragging out the dreaded hose to water our flowers and vegetables.  When droughts happen, 150 gallons of rain water seems to get used almost as quickly as the barrels got filled up.

With all of the vegetable garden expansion we’ve done over the past two summers, along with sacrificing more and more lawn for additional bed space and berry bush plantings – we have a lot more green stuff to water, so the need for additional rain water collection became especially apparent.  We have been tearing through and draining the rain barrels faster than ever before.  Fortunately we did have a pretty wet Spring, but more rain barrels were needed – there was no doubt about that.

So we purchased and combined 3 more barrels into our system – doubling our capacity.

two behind our garage and

two more beside our deck.

We have a third set on the driveway side of the house as well – but I think you get the picture 🙂

Our now 300 gallon rain water capacity should serve us well as we move into the heat of summer 2011.


All we need now is some actual rain to fill them…


Happy Fall!!!!!!

Fall, right it is 88 degrees here. Did someone not send Mother Nature the memo today?

Festive Times

There is a crap load of stuff that has gone on since a week ago Tuesday.

Some leveling and back filling:

Some placement of barn stone and flag stone:

Some plants (no not ours – Damn!):

The party, well, what happened there – stays there.

As far as the swale, rain gardens and landscaping go, well – at this point we are at a stand-still until Ms. Mother Nature drops these day time temperatures a tad bit more. There is no way in hell I am plating anything in 84 – 89 degree temps – not including the heat index. I found out today I’m not the only one waiting for cooler temps in order to achieve some green. One of my customers is waiting to plant an entire back yard. Fat chance either one of use will be planting anything in the near future.

This past weekend was lost. Lost that is to the husbands class reunion. I won’t say how many years – as that would not be polite. However, it would have been nice for him to attend the very weekend function he and 3 of his classmates slaved over for the last year to make happen. The husband had to work. One of those rare weekends that only happen when – lets say a very good friend is getting married and you have to miss it because you have to work. Yes, it has been about 2 years since this last happened. He did make the last 45 minutes – just in time for a quick hello to a few remaining folks and then help with clean up. However, there was the after party.

What was very cool though is that the husband and I are very close with the crew who helped put this thing in motion. What I got out of the deal was 2 surrogate husbands for the weekend. How cool was that? One from a friend, and one was an old classmate with no date. I was one lucky lady.

Back to this festive thing, people – I don’t know about you, but the husband and I cannot do the staying up until 3:00 a.m. anymore. Pathetic I know, but we just can’t do it. Knowing that 2 dogs will have us up at 7:00 a.m. to be fed and let out makes one think twice about how much participating in the festivities one is going to do. It has taken the last 3 days actually start feeling normal again. Thank goodness I was off on Monday and Tuesday because to be honest the only thing I did that was remotely exciting was researching native plants for the rain garden. The rest of the time was either spent napping, staring into space, staring at a wall…I think you get the picture. The worst part is that I did not have one drop of beverage – cranberry juice straight up only – Saturday night. You all thought I over-indulged? Admit it. I think that it just might be possible that I would have felt better had I at least had a couple of drinks.

List of remaining stuff to do:

  • order sweet peat
  • connect new down spout to proper connecting parts – rain garden no 1
  • plant grass – neighbors side
  • purchase shrubs and native plants
  • amend the bottom of rain garden 1 and 2 – this will be on going I have a feeling – get mulch and blue stone

Oh Mother Nature

It is 3 degrees, 3 whole degrees right now the wind chill is -19. The Winter Solstice has rolled in town with a big chill on her coat tails. Nothing like a little arctic blast to start the season off on the right foot.


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