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Uncrossed Fingers – NO C-word.

The little girl is cancer FREE. The tumor is benign. The type of tumor she has could possibly come back but this type almost never turns malignant. Now we have to figure to out how not to allow it to come back.

Thank you everyone for all the positive energy and prayers. I realize that she is a dog, our family member, but after last year and this year no more deaths from cancer. I would like to go through at least 6 months without cancer killing a human or an animal. A simple request, no?


Fingers Crossed

This little girl had major surgery on Wednesday morning.

We discovered a growth that was bleeding (we know that’s not good) that should have not been in the location that it was the day prior. I will spare all the gory details.

This Saturday we have an appointment with our vet and fingers crossed the tumor that was removed is benign, that is if the labs are back. Our vet wants to see us anyway to discuss what they had found and to check Lena’s recovery process. So far all we know is that it took longer and was more involved than they thought it would be and that her lungs are clear. We have no idea what her blood work looks like and if anything is off the the charts or not.

I just love waiting …Fingers crossed.

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