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Fast Forward – Yard

I should bring everyone up to speed on the improvements we have made.  Let’s start with the outside of this house in the last couple of years. First we had to take down 2 very large trees, one was sick, the other too close to the house and both were improperly planted. The second was to move our brick patio from back of the garage to the back of the house, and third was to add a deck.

Taking the trees down made the back yard look like a bomb went off – huge mess to clean up.

Moving the patio was a hard work, but worth it. The patio is made of a composite of three materials. Salvaged 100 year old bricks, modern pavers and dug up old slabs of slate.

The deck was designed by our contractor to fit the scale of the house and to allow for a three season room to be added down the road. Every project leads up to another project so that we can do everything in stages. Our contractor even made us a very special gift to bring the two outdoor spaces together – “B” is all about flow of traffic and how spaces feel. As I went looking for photo’s of the deck and patio together I cannot find them on this PC. I will have to ask the husband where they are at.

We are still in the process of re-landscaping the yard. The yard has not quite recovered from when the foundation was replaced and trees taken out but it is getting there. With the addition of the deck we have privacy issues that we need to address. As interesting as it might seem, I really don’t like looking into my neighbors back yards. The new neighbor next door in a full two story farm house – I really don’t like the idea of them looking into our back yard. So, landscaping for privacy continues to haunt my dreams.


Rules of Engagement

One should always follow the rules of engagement when one is drinking the spirits of the gods.

Rule number one – Food.
If one is going to be drinking it is always a very good idea to eat that prime rib dinner which is why you went to the restaurant to begin with.

Rule number two – Water.
If one is going to skip eating said prime rib dinner then one should be drinking water with said spirits.

Rule number three – keeping track of said beverages that one is drinking.
Enough said.

This past Friday the husband and I met with a fellow blogger friend for a pre – dinner drink. Oddly enough we weren’t the only ones who had the same idea.

The husband and I found ourselves among some of our favorite peeps from our dysfunctional little city. Like minds think alike, introductions were to be had, the spirits flowing like a river, with long over due stimulating conversation.

Was is it any wonder why the rules were broken?

I guess I needed a walk down memory lane to remind myself why one should never break the rules of engagement.

The damage

This morning before I left for work around 8:15 a.m. I grabbed the camera and shot this from the sidewalk.

Southwest corner of house.

A new roof on the house this year is not part of the master plan. New roof goes with phase 2 of adding the 3 season room on. The roof in the back of the house will be slightly altered to receive the roof of the 3 season room, we are not ready for this stage yet.

After I left for work the husband talked to a friend of ours to get names of roofers and find out how bad the damage is. Happy to report that missing shingles have been replaced with new ones and that we should still be able to hold off for another year or two.

Thank you “B” you are the man.

I am in need of sleep.

Oh, the ice melting stockings worked like a charm.

2:47 in the morning

Do you know where your roofing shingles are? I do, on the damn ground.

Do you know what it sounds like when your roofing shingles are being ripped off the roof of your home? Oddly enough, popcorn and the bubble wrap stuff.

There will be photos tomorrow.

This weather sucks.

Someone build an Ark

It’s July 2004 and it is hotter than hell. In the wee morning hours a storm passed through – not that a storm is any concern – not to me at least until about 10:30 am when customers were rumbling about being flooded out.

I called home and asked the husband to check the basement which was followed by silence then asking the husband if we were flooded, I hear “Holy Shit”.

This is the beginning of getting to really know your city. Now this can be a very long enlightening story but I felt like keeping it short, sweet and simple.

You see, over the course of four very long years the husband and I became very educated about basements, storm sewers, backwater valves, drain tiles, sumps, EPA regulations, sewer projects, pumping stations, and I am sure – that I left a few things out.

Have that drink in your hand?

The short version:
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