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Kitchen – Phase 2

Photo Time: There are only 2 because we still need to seal the top which will give it a different shine, therefore a different look.

The sink is in.

The faucet is in.

The granite is installed.

There are switch plates to install yet and after talking with “B” I’m going to do something special involving stone above the granite back splash. I’m excited about this little project where I get to tap into my artsy side, this usually only happens when I’m landscaping these days.

The stainless top will be done by the end of the week as well as the stainless for the side of the stove.

So here is a funny story, well not really, as the guys were drilling the hole for the faucet a cloud of white dust was spewing from their shop vac. The filter came off and well lets say they really need a new shop vac. I loaned them mine to finish the job. Our home is covered in granite dust, fine nasty granite dust, does anything go right on a job anymore. I’m off to clean up the shit.


Photo Time – Phase 1

All morning, things here have been busy. Out with the old, not very well built sink cabinet and in with the new.

They are beautiful, they are more than we could have ever imagined. Jerry – the cabinet guy rocks and B who lent a huge helping hand – words can’t even describe how indebted we are to you.

I know that this design set up is, most likely, not for most – but for us to get the feel we wanted and utilizing the little space we had – this was the best option, unless we extended the kitchen. That isn’t going to happen and we always love a good challenge.

This is only pictures of the cabinets and not the full kitchen. I feel that after the sink is set and the granite is installed then I’ll try to get a full shot of that wall. If I can’t then I’m sure my father-in-law can since he actually knows what he is doing.

So here are the photo’s of phase one:

Phase one is now done and in the morning we move onto phase 2 – granite anyone?

Happy V-Day to us!

It has been a while, I know. Work has been CRAZY. There are no other words to describe the mayhem I walk into every morning now. There have been snow storms which had set the kitchen reno back a good week. There have been miss communication with the granite peeps which set things back – Damn e-mail. All is good now.

Today is the day when the cabinets are coming! WOOT!!!!!

There will be photo’s to take, photo’s to upload, and photo’s for all to see.

Tomorrow the granite will be installed. WOOT!!!

By the end of the week I expect to see the stainless top done and installed, if not sooner.

Things are moving fast and after waiting for almost 5 years to find the right people, who will not rip you off, I will be doing cartwheels when it is finally done.

There is still the issue of lighting that we need to make decisions about. I can wait a bit longer on lighting it’s a huge decision and we’ll let the kitchen speak to us about what type and what is appropriate for the space.

Stay tuned…time to rip out the last kitchen cabinet and the sink.

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