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End of September

September is almost over….hard to believe. Before we know it Halloween will be here. This is the 1st Tuesday that I have had off in a very long time and in spite of the rain it feels really good to be home.

We started this month with Tied-Dyed cupcakes. A little Labor Day celebration with a “Tied-Dyed” theme. Actually Ron was laboring at 4 in the morning making these little delicious cakes.

The Husband and I spent our vacation sleeping, eating, drinking and relaxing just as we promised ourselves we would. No big projects this time, not one. However, The Husband did do a small project. We are taking growing our veggies to the next level – cold frames. Excellent job honey, now for B to bring the other window over so we can get the larger one built.

The garden produced and is still producing veggies. This had led to drying veggies, canning veggies, freezing veggies and giving many veggies away to friends. These are sweet potatoes. I wasn’t even sure if we could grow them. I guess we can!

Since the weather finally broke we have been getting back into our weekend escapes with the dogs out of the city. This is a very special place for me. I spent a lot of time here when I lived in Cleveland and find peace when I visit.

A man fishing on a Sunday afternoon, perfect.


Nope! It’s not done Yet.

Now that the holidays are over – do Birthday’s count as holidays when they’re close to the holidays? If they count as a holiday then it isn’t over.

The Husband turned the big – I wont do that to him – and a close friend of ours is also celebrating. This Saturday birthday’s will be celebrated with good food and good drinks with superb company.

All has not been lost these past weeks. There was granite to order for the new sink cabinet. There was a stainless to order for the stand alone cabinet. Then there was a stainless back-splash that was ordered as well. Finding the right paint color was also an interesting task. It is always important to remember all to pieces/parts when picking paint color.

So here is where I am at with the bloody all hell floor. Please don’t ask me how many hours I have logged in on this puppy because I have literally lost track. Lets just say every day that I am off the floor and I spend a quantity of time together, we’ll just leave it at that.

The Turkey Aftermath….

No shopping here folks…work, work and more work.

B wants to skim coat the walls in the kitchen. I’m okay with that.

Saturday afternoon at 3:03 we started to tear out the floor. The floor is old, it smells, it smells and it is just plain nasty. It’s gotta go.

We are looking at 3 possible options when we get it as far as it will come clean.

1) is sanding and redoing the floor
2) is painting the floor and putting a few coats of clear coat on it
3) is cork – we are waiting to see the results from the blog Chezerbey to see if cork will work. When having dogs it is important to test flooring out before making a purchase. They are running the test and we are watching and waiting for the results.

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to remove out old flooring. My creativity came in the form of an iron. Steam and heat to soften the crap under the tile. I was concerned about using a heat gun and burning the house down, causing some chemical reaction, causing some sort of gassing. So the old iron became my very best friend for the last 24 hours. Our friend Doug brought over 2 heat guns last night and to tell you the truth I went back to the iron when one of the heat guns started melting. Nothing like the smell of burning plastic.

This floor originally had 5 layer to it 4 years ago. Carpet, carpet pad, tile, sub floor & linoleum.

We left off at the sub floor stage 4 years and it has sat like this every since.

Bye, Bye old sub floor.

Blue linoleum gone.

Remarks from the husband during this little project.
The husband: “I’m thinking sub floor”.
The husband: “You can forgive ignorance, but you cannot forgive stupidity”. “What the hell were
these people thinking”.

Let me remind everyone that it was the husbands family who built the house and his grandparents lived here. That last remark is said often around here.

Next stage is removing the rest of the black shit and the glue. I’m leaning towards rubber gloves for this. The very thought of putting my hands in any solution sends chills down my spine.

We took a mini break when a friend of ours called for an little impromptu get together. Even though we looked and probably smelled like something the cat dragged in we were grateful for the break – thank you R for getting us out of the kitchen and not minding that we looked/smell like hell. P the snacks were tasty and V I’m glad you found out that we are not people to fear – I still think that’s funny.

I need a shower and sleep. If there are any typo’s I will correct it tomorrow.

6:00 a.m.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I deplore daylight savings. I laid there thinking to myself – why do we do this? I tossed and turned for the next 1/2 hour and thought screw it, so I got up.

How was every ones Halloween? Things here in the rust belt – well, there has been many shootings going on again in the next neighborhood over. Hearing gun shots is becoming a daily event. This was the 1st time in many years that the husband and I were home together. Now we had a decision to make – do we stay home and pass out treats to a bunch of 16 year old, man-child, hoodie-wearing, 22 packing, facial hair included, pillowcase carrying teens or do we go to our favorite place on the lake and grab a great burger, veggies and liquor. You know which one we chose – burgers and liquor of course.

I have a new shot for everyone to try. It’s called a “Little Beer”. I don’t like beer so you know that this is not a beer type beverage. This is a shot that looks like a beer. The owner bought it for us and another table – thanks Jim – and this is good stuff. So this is what is in it.

One full shot of Licor 43
Heavy cream – gives the head of beer effect.

Full instructions – here
Chill this or put the full bottle in the cooler – I would put the full bottle in the cooler, don’t want to dilute this yummy liquor with water.

Bottoms up.

We ended up stopping over a friends house who lives close by. He’s going through some rough times so we wanted to check on him, we weren’t the only ones, nothing like an impromptu gathering.

This by far has been the best Halloween in a long time – good food, good company and good beverages.

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