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Spring is here….

Spring started off with a lovely party with friends, food and drinks. We could have not asked for a better start. Right now it’s about 30 degrees here and well I think spring is on hold for another week.

A little catching up – the house – not touched – nope – not one thing. I am struggling to find a reason why we should do anything more here. Our neighborhood looks for the most part like shit, a ghetto.

The neighbors next door think that our drive-way apron has an “enter” sign on it as they are driving up and across to their part of the side yard. I guess side yards and driveways are one in the same because it is trashed with tire tracks now. Lucky for us we have very big rocks that will be placed as landscaping material – cough, cough – to stop them from driving on our part of the side yard and trashing it. The neighbors across the street – silent! However, I have learned that when one neighbor starts to behave and get a clue – that someone else in the neighborhood must – there has be a “Ghetto Code of Ethics” somewhere written – pick up the slack. The award for ghetto-ness now goes to the next door neighbors.

I walked the dogs for the first time in a very long time around the neighborhood Monday night and imagine every part of your being just shaking because you are being stalked by 2 hoods and one dog. Not because I’m scared, no, because I am pissed off. Minutes prior to the run in with these two there was a group of 3 males and a dog on the opposite side my street that we passed. This was not a leisurely stroll with Fido, Fido didn’t even know how to walk on a lead. Most people do not walk their dogs here and for the few who do, you can painfully tell that they are not looking for (fill in the blank).

Back to the the disrespectful youths, they are now walking in the middle of the street, the one youth is telling his dog “get it” (meaning us) over and over which is causing the dog to get really amp-ed up. They were gaining on us and Lena is feeling the need to protect due to the out-of-control dog and Stella wants to run like hell and then thinks well I need to protect my human. Rage does not even begin to describe how I felt. I don’t think that there is a word for it. All I did was shake and try like hell not to pull on the leads. I have no tolerance for this. I have no tolerance for a couple wannabe hoods with a dog playing a game of intimidation. I have no tolerance for people who dishonor a certain type of dog breed and were doing it at that moment to me. I don’t think so little man-child!

I had to get control of this situation. I stopped and turned around, faced them, and confronted them. I stood my ground and waited for them to make a move. I know I was glaring at them because I don’t hide how I feel very well. I probably looked like a crazy lady to them, I’m okay with looking like a nut job when I need to. I was firm with my words and loud. I was hoping that some neighbors were watching. They made a wise decision and walked away. Yes, I always carry a cell phone with me for those who are wondering. I know I put myself and my dogs at risk. I realize that this could have gone a very different way. I will be damned if some disrespectful man-child thinks that intimidating people with a dog is a good idea and that this is a tool that they can use. I’m not easily intimated and I have zero tolerance these days. I continued our walk making sure I wasn’t being followed and headed for the main road. I’m not really sure if I did the right thing and yet I’m really not sure if there was anything else that could have been done. Socialization class is on Saturday, we will see if any damage has been done by this incident.

There is stuff going on in our neighborhood – again, what would appear to be normal to some is very much the opposite for us. I don’t like the vibe here, I don’t like it at all.

We will always out-last them I keep telling myself, we will always out-last them.


Over 2 miles of Urban Trails

The husband had to work last night. Boo…..

This leaves very limited quality time for us. How did we spend it?

We decided that it was time for us to try out a new-ish trail we had never been on. This trail is an addition to the 4 mile trail of Day’s Dam that stretches from Elyria, Ohio to Lorain, Ohio. The new addition is on the Lorain side and takes you all the way to Route 611.

Since we are suckers for the urban landscape we were eager to see a side of the steel mill we had never seen. Armed with one camera and two dogs – we were off.

We knew that the this trail would be beautiful, I expect nothing less from our Metro Parks here. We will go back in the winter and take more photo’s. This will be an area to watch for as time goes on this trail is going to mature.

Fences Make Good Neighbors Part 2

The fence was going in no ifs, no ands, no buts about it. Permit pulled, materials purchased and the peace maker would be in by Saturday prior to band practice.

The little ass-wipes decided it was a good idea to play a game of hoop it up. Imagine that, when we started to remove the landscaping basketballs were flying through the air. For some strange reason it was all important to make that shot 20 feet from the middle of the driveway to the hoop. It turned into a game of intimidation and we were not going to be the ones who lost. The fence was going in.

Even with the additional fencing, our patience were still being tested. Sometimes the patience runs thin and time runs out.

Sitting at the kitchen table one morning, just happened to be off that day, I see something come flying in the yard and then heard a smash. Our lot is 100 feet plus from the back of the house. I immediately looked to the neighbors house, guess which one, and there is Satan’s Spawn out on their back upper porch. I ran to the back yard and low and behold a broken liquor bottle. Now we have 2 dogs at this time, which had full run of the yard, had we not been home and unaware of what had happened – can we say vet bills?  Who would be stuck with the vet bills, us! That was it, I was done and I wanted to knock the living piss out Satan’s Spawn once and for all.

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Fences make Great Neighbors – Part 1

There was a time when ignorance was bliss. Oh yes, it was the most relaxing time of living in this city.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were times when we would say “that is just f*ed up”. Why do people park their cars on their front lawns? Why do people have trash everywhere in their yards and not pick it up?  What is up with these kids? Why must people blast there car stereos and rattle the windows of our home? But like a strike of lighting you push all those thoughts out of your head and proceed forward. Yes, ignorance is bliss and one thinks “we’ll show them the way”. Dumb, dumb thinking.

Eight years ago all that changed, we had the neighbors from hell. Satan’s Spawn, his brother and all his followers who accompanied him came and took residence right next door.

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The Neighbor – HOOD

How do I describe this rust belt neighborhood, it didn’t always look like this.

We live on a main road in the hood. The last 10 years this area has changed and not for the best. We accessed the neighborhood when the husband moved back here 12 years ago. The thought of purchasing the house hadn’t even crossed our minds at that time. It was at the tipping point so we waited and watched.

The house needed to be cleaned out, the yard was so over grown that one could not tell where flowerbeds started and ended. Now as naive as this may sound we started to do some major landscaping in the front yard and side yard – we thought “we’ll set the example and see if anyone follows”. They did, yards were getting cleaned up, people were fixing up their homes and the street/ neighborhood was starting to look good. So a couple of months after we became married we decided to purchase the house and keep it in the family.

What the hell were we thinking! This beautiful relationship with our neighborhood lasted for about 2 years and then all hell broke loose.

Satan’s spawn moved in next door (have a special post about him) which would be the foreshadowing of things to come. From that day forward we coined our neighborhood as the “Hood” and she still hasn’t recovered.

We have 9 vacant houses on our block, which consist of about 31 houses, 10 of the homes are rentals and 12 are owner occupied – this is just one street. The neighborhood in which I reside has 7 streets in all, shows the tell-tale sign of economic loss. Lack of home ownership, increased rental properties with no garages/garages falling down, boarded up vacant homes with jungles of vegetation, and building code violations galore. Nothing beats a nice relaxing walk in the neighborhood. Watch out for the broken glass.

There is one thing that is very cool here, is that this neighborhood is multicultural. This is the only positive (some of the time) aspect of living here.

I know some are wondering why doesn’t the city do something – that will be a discussion for another time where that stiff drink will be in order.

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