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Family, Friends and Ghetto Trash

It has been a very long week which started last Friday and will not end until tonight. Work has sucked the life out of me but I am off till Wednesday. I intend to relish every single second of my time off.

Our weekends have been filled with dinning out, checking out a new winery, family obligations (Easter), birthday parties and ghetto neighbors.

Friday night was one of my closest girlfriend’s 40th birthday party. I was surprised she went for a party because she is really not that kind of girl – does not care to be the center of attention – that, my friends, is why she and I have been friends since she was 16 years old. Some how her significant other talked her into a party. At this party I made a new friend called Mojito. Now I have had Mojito’s in the past and they were “okay”, but her man makes the best freaking Mojito’s that I have ever tasted. The perfect blend of simple syrup to mint to liquor to soda and lime. There will have to be a Mojito’s party this summer – the guest of honor with be my friend Mojito.

Today is “little man’s” 1st birthday – it was actually April 15th but we are doing the big celebration today. “Little Man” is our Step-Grandmunchkin. The Husband was married once before – raised a stepson, hence why we are Step-Grandparents. It’s very humbling and an honor to be held in such high regard. Bring on “Elmo” – aka – baby crack.

The new winery is a a beautiful venue. However, the wine sucked. I have never had wine that gave me cotton mouth, cleared my sinuses, made me feel like I just did a shot of espresso, did not deliver in taste and what the heck was that aftertaste. Since the husband and I drink very different types of wine I expected his to have some legs and be full bodied but his wine was just thin and he had the same effects as mine did. The husband and I were very focused on what made this wine produce these effects. Oh well, we will not be going back.

For some not so enlightening news, the neighbors across the street are “Ghetto Trash”. For some strange reason they seem to think that is it okay to have girlie, cat fight, smack downs at 10:00 at night that seem to involve 15 plus people – that needed to play chicken in the street with the cars – while screaming trash ghetto speak at one another seeing who can ghetto speak the loudest – while a ghetto cat fight on the porch was taking place.

Yep, you know I called the police – I have no shame – I have zero tolerance left. I called it “training time” – it is time to train the new neighbors proper etiquette of living in this “neighbor- Hood”. Oddly enough it has been very silent all week, I can’t imagine why since these people have partied it up in 30 degree weather till 2:00 a.m. on most porch squatting nights. Dare I think – nah it is best not to go there and dream such dreams.


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