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We need rain….

It’s HOT, HUMID, and Oppressive up here. One of the joys living so close to the lake. It’s like living in Florida. So a fast recap since last I posted.

A little trip out of the city to another Greek Festival. The food was amazing and the company even better.

Fathers Day…was just very special this year. There is something about a toddler making a young 70-something smile when the word “Train Obsession” is mentioned. I don’t put photo’s of Littleman on the blog because I don’t think his dad would approve….and that’s okay.

More weeding with the privet hedges getting a buzz cut. We took no photo’s of the 13 foot high hedges getting buzzed because trimming hedges is just that trimming hedges.

The husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary, how cool is that. What was so special was that the stone from our property was finished the same day. This stone had been set aside back a couple years go just for this purpose. To have our address engraved and to become a part of our landscaping – a perfect day.

This last photo is just worth it’s weight in gold….who would of thought that one of our neighbors, from this neighborhood, would be so bold to put this on his front porch. The man who lives in this house – the husband and I call him “Jesus Blogger” – because every week he has some saying that refers to the bible. This saying just blew us away. I asked him if I could take a photo of it which started a conversation. I had never spoke to this man before – interesting. I did tell the man that he has officially got himself “Black Listed” – he just laughed and said, “I know”. It’s amazing what will get people talking to one another.

So, for those bold enough to leave a comment what do “you” think of this message?

So today we are off to a graduation and one fundraiser……so if any blogger’s out there have some extra rain they don’t need…please, please send it our way.


Rain, Weeds, & Maple Seeds

There has been days of this:

Due to much of this:

You have to admit it’s pretty darn awesome.

Gardens to plant:

Many pots and baskets to fill with flowers:

Major yard clean up of weeds, weeds and more weeds. Even more clean up of the seed dropping from the Maple Trees. This would be the neighbors Maple Trees that surround us and also the weeds because the rental next door just cut the lawn – for the first time this year in late May 2010 – this would be the back yard.

Now look how pretty it is. I know it still wasn’t done when I took this photo – As of yesterday the whole entire back 40 is weed free.

Which is why we went through 5 yards of black goodness – that would be pure compost.

Oh and how can I forget the Greek Spring Festival, which was the first festival of the year. I wish I had some of those honey buns now.

There have been many conversations from Ghetto said neighbors, which include endless hours of the following Ghetto-Speak.
“F*#k” – insert whatever comes to mind that makes no damn sense.
“She’s a Bitch” – use best ghetto slang you can muster up.
“She’s a Skank” – is that even a real word?

Now repeat for the next 7 hours.

That leads to the husband and myself beating a path to the nearest, quietest, restaurant and enjoying these.

I guess it would be fair to say that the husband and I have been a bit outdoorsy of late. We have literally been covered in some sort of dirt, mud, compost for the last 2 months when mother nature found it fitting. I need to have a talk with mother nature about 86 degree days and high, nasty humidity. Working in the back 40 feels like the damn Amazon Jungle complete with bugs. Ewww.

There are more photo’s here, and more to come.

The husband: I want to order 4 more yards of compost in.
Me: Okay, what are we going to do with the rest of it?
The husband: I want to re-seed the back 40 area, after I cook and kill the weeds that have taken over the grass.
Me: What about, cook it, kill it, no grass and we just landscape it? Bring in a River Birch and a couple White Pines, thin the triangles out and finally just redo it.
The husband: I like that Idea, I like that Idea a lot. Think about how we tie it all together.
Me: Okay.

What the hell was I thinking – OY! Yes, a new project for fall.

It’s a Heat Wave!

Why was this the weekend that mother nature decided 90 degree temps was a good idea?

Doesn’t mother nature know that we are in the middle of this project?

I guess not since it is 89 degrees with a 97 degree heat index.

As you all know I don’t do this weather well, I can’t stand it and makes me very irritable. However, there is stone to move and get in place so in spite of this heat we moved ahead till about 12:00 this afternoon when I said “enough”. The husband and I ate some lunch, the husband went at it till 1:45 and he was done for the day.

While the weather was cool over this past week every night after work I would move dirt, worked on my neighbors back side of his house – regrading – and put the plants he dug up in their proper place. Moving dirt is not very exciting or worthy of photo’s.

The husband and I took Saturday off for we had some guest to entertain. A steak dinner was in order for the occasion. I needed to satisfy my carnivorous appetite yet keep dinner light. So T-Bone steaks were on the menu with tomato, mozzarella, basil side dish followed by grilled peaches & vanilla ice cream for dessert. I almost forgot the most important part – wine.

Sorry there are no photo’s, between preparing and then the best part eating, there was no time for the food to strike a pose.

During dinner I actually tried a new wine that our friends brought. I found this wine to pair up very nice with red meat. It is “Ancient Vine” Zinfandel. This is a heavier wine, thick, but full of flavor. It is very different than “Old Vine” which I do not care for due to the chewiness, peppery, thin, kinda bitter taste it has. “Old Vine” is what the husband likes and of course I prefer the “Ancient Vine”, go figure.

Some photo’s of progress from today:

Rain Garden No. 1:

Run off area between the two areas:

This where I had stopped working.

Outer Edge of Rain Garden No. 2:

Note: I do not know why these photo’s look like something the Mars Rover took, except It is bloody hot!

Family, Friends and Ghetto Trash

It has been a very long week which started last Friday and will not end until tonight. Work has sucked the life out of me but I am off till Wednesday. I intend to relish every single second of my time off.

Our weekends have been filled with dinning out, checking out a new winery, family obligations (Easter), birthday parties and ghetto neighbors.

Friday night was one of my closest girlfriend’s 40th birthday party. I was surprised she went for a party because she is really not that kind of girl – does not care to be the center of attention – that, my friends, is why she and I have been friends since she was 16 years old. Some how her significant other talked her into a party. At this party I made a new friend called Mojito. Now I have had Mojito’s in the past and they were “okay”, but her man makes the best freaking Mojito’s that I have ever tasted. The perfect blend of simple syrup to mint to liquor to soda and lime. There will have to be a Mojito’s party this summer – the guest of honor with be my friend Mojito.

Today is “little man’s” 1st birthday – it was actually April 15th but we are doing the big celebration today. “Little Man” is our Step-Grandmunchkin. The Husband was married once before – raised a stepson, hence why we are Step-Grandparents. It’s very humbling and an honor to be held in such high regard. Bring on “Elmo” – aka – baby crack.

The new winery is a a beautiful venue. However, the wine sucked. I have never had wine that gave me cotton mouth, cleared my sinuses, made me feel like I just did a shot of espresso, did not deliver in taste and what the heck was that aftertaste. Since the husband and I drink very different types of wine I expected his to have some legs and be full bodied but his wine was just thin and he had the same effects as mine did. The husband and I were very focused on what made this wine produce these effects. Oh well, we will not be going back.

For some not so enlightening news, the neighbors across the street are “Ghetto Trash”. For some strange reason they seem to think that is it okay to have girlie, cat fight, smack downs at 10:00 at night that seem to involve 15 plus people – that needed to play chicken in the street with the cars – while screaming trash ghetto speak at one another seeing who can ghetto speak the loudest – while a ghetto cat fight on the porch was taking place.

Yep, you know I called the police – I have no shame – I have zero tolerance left. I called it “training time” – it is time to train the new neighbors proper etiquette of living in this “neighbor- Hood”. Oddly enough it has been very silent all week, I can’t imagine why since these people have partied it up in 30 degree weather till 2:00 a.m. on most porch squatting nights. Dare I think – nah it is best not to go there and dream such dreams.

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