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And The Winner Is…

It appears that people are thinking about fall, winter and dreadful heating bills already. I determined this by my stats and peoples top searches. The top search is – “Interior Storm Windows.” With that being said, even though its like 83 degrees with a heat index of 85 I guess you can’t plan early enough for when the temperatures take a dive into the 40’s.

So here are the links that I used when The Husband and I made our interior storms and my in-laws.

Fancy ones:

These ones:

These ones:

The only thing I would suggest is to use a good strong wood when making storms for larger windows For my in-laws we used MDF in their sun room which was a huge mistake, we had to double up and reinforce it because it actually sagged. This took extra time and for us it is just much easier using real wood from a structural standpoint. This was a fun project and it really works – NO more drafts.

Hope this helps those out there looking to build their very own interior storms. This is the easiest project, least amount of time, huge bang for the buck, a project that keeps on giving.

Happy building.


Heat Index 95 Degrees

I’m sick of this heat! I only have one request when we are this hot, I want thunderstorms and rain. If I have to suffer in this miserable weather that feels like the amazon jungle then I want some damn rain as a reward. Am I asking too much? Apparently mother nature thinks so because we have not had an inch of rain in who knows how long. The 10 minute down poor last week doesn’t count. It has rained all around us. It has rain over the lake, to the west, to the south and to the east but not here.

Okay enough complaining about matters one can not control and on to the Tomatoes….This is a phone call last week between the husband and me. So everyone knows I call home ever day at lunch to touch base. The husband and I have done this for years because we have opposite schedules.

The Husband: We have a tomato emergency!

Me: A What?


Me: What are you talking about?

The Husband: The tomatoes have exploded since yesterday.

Me: How many?

The Husband: I already picked picked 3 pints of the yellow jelly’s, and I picked 2 big bowls plus one big plate of the reds.

Me: Wow, and to think that these were the plants that L’s dad was embarrassed about. He’d be so proud of the them.

These are all heirloom, organic tomatoes. I would say by next weekend we will be canning. We have given so many away already to friends, family, strangers since the tomato explosion.

Does anyone have a good Tomato Bisque recipe?

Six Weeks – Where has Time Gone???

Most projects at the rust belt came to a halt when the temperatures hit the high 80’s with a 90 plus heat index. The Husband was in the middle of re-staining the deck and newly just built trellis when all came to a stop. I stained all the frames for the couches finally – and people it was hot! When the stain/sealer is drying on the brush mother nature is trying to tell you something. Our deck at this point is 1/2 done. Don’t get me wrong I did some transplanting of plants that have been long waiting for their little roots to spread in the rain garden, but that has really been about it. It all just sucked – the weather that is and so at that point we stopped working and enjoyed life. Yes, you may say that I don’t do this hot weather thing real well which is why we don’t live in the south…oppressive, just oppressive heat can be.

Ahhhh living life…. there have been many parties and entertaining with friends and family. This is what we do when it gets hot. Perfectly made margaritas & sipping wine, swimming, awesome people and late nights. We have been planning for vacation in September – things we want to do – and planning out the use of The Back 40.

For those who don’t know The Back 40 is an area of our yard that is about 40 feet long by 59 feet wide. This became the holding area of all things in landscaping, the landscaping of the old front yard prior to basement rebuild and rain gardens. We like some of what we have done but the yard feels unbalanced – which is something I just can’t stand. As the process of redesigning conversations have come up, the husband and I have become aware that we need more space for veggies. We like to grow our own food and herbs. So in the new design of the Back 40 I need to design more area for veggie growing and herbs all the while still having a sense of a balanced yard – color and textures. It will take a miracle to pull this off and September is just around the corner when we are supposed to start this project.

Where in the hell has time gone?

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