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First Sunday of the Month

There is nothing like a pack walk on a Sunday morning with a lite snow and 10 other people with 11 dogs. I am still truly amazed that all these dogs are in various stages of rehab/training and their owners who like us, are willing to get up on a snowy Sunday morning to walk about 3 miles just because.

Happy dogs and people.

Happy Lena.

This is a happy Stella!

This why I love getting up at 6:30 on Sunday once a month and doing this one hour drive to a beautiful park. I am counting down the days till we all meet up again. Thank your Versatile K9 for making this happen.


End of September

September is almost over….hard to believe. Before we know it Halloween will be here. This is the 1st Tuesday that I have had off in a very long time and in spite of the rain it feels really good to be home.

We started this month with Tied-Dyed cupcakes. A little Labor Day celebration with a “Tied-Dyed” theme. Actually Ron was laboring at 4 in the morning making these little delicious cakes.

The Husband and I spent our vacation sleeping, eating, drinking and relaxing just as we promised ourselves we would. No big projects this time, not one. However, The Husband did do a small project. We are taking growing our veggies to the next level – cold frames. Excellent job honey, now for B to bring the other window over so we can get the larger one built.

The garden produced and is still producing veggies. This had led to drying veggies, canning veggies, freezing veggies and giving many veggies away to friends. These are sweet potatoes. I wasn’t even sure if we could grow them. I guess we can!

Since the weather finally broke we have been getting back into our weekend escapes with the dogs out of the city. This is a very special place for me. I spent a lot of time here when I lived in Cleveland and find peace when I visit.

A man fishing on a Sunday afternoon, perfect.

Over 2 miles of Urban Trails

The husband had to work last night. Boo…..

This leaves very limited quality time for us. How did we spend it?

We decided that it was time for us to try out a new-ish trail we had never been on. This trail is an addition to the 4 mile trail of Day’s Dam that stretches from Elyria, Ohio to Lorain, Ohio. The new addition is on the Lorain side and takes you all the way to Route 611.

Since we are suckers for the urban landscape we were eager to see a side of the steel mill we had never seen. Armed with one camera and two dogs – we were off.

We knew that the this trail would be beautiful, I expect nothing less from our Metro Parks here. We will go back in the winter and take more photo’s. This will be an area to watch for as time goes on this trail is going to mature.

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