All things are connected, people to a home, a home to a neighborhood, a neighborhood to a city, a city to county, a county to a state. You get the idea. I created this blog for the specific reason to keep me sane, for one needs an outlet when you are the outsider in a city that holds its past so near and dear and refuses to change.

Sometimes things need to be reinvented; our home is one of them. What do you do with a stripped out no bells and whistles bungalow Cape? You envision what could be and go for it. What do you do with a neighborhood, a city that needs to be reinvented? Envision what could be – then beat them over the head with a stupid stick till they get it.

I wrote that almost 2 years ago, much has changed and some things never change. My city, I have given up on. Politics are what they are and I found to be a huge waste of personal energy. My neighborhood – we will always out last “them”- we watch it turn before our eyes into a ghetto and this house is the only thing we have control over.

This blog is really about our survival in a city that is dying. Come along for the ride, for this journey is just that – a journey.

March 2018
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