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Ahhhh Vacation

So far vacation has been work and fun. The husband and I are trying to do both. All work no play make a vacationer very unhappy.

Here’s the list of work and play.

Friday – Greek festival with our friend George.

Saturday – Worked in the yard and went to see Ed Helms in one of my favorite little cities.

Sunday – Spread Sweet peat and then dinner at favorite place on the lake for steak

Monday – Rock shopping for the right color of stone. The color I want oh so bad I cannot get here which would be Mexican Blue Pebble Stone. Dinner at Taco Bell, Ice Cream at local place.

Tuesday – Cleaned up the shade garden and our friend Steve was up for a visit.

Wednesday – My Birthday. We did a little work, very little work and had dinner at another near by city on the lake. Gotta love Czech food.

Thursday – Started to clean out the garden – what a mess. Friend Steve back with his friend Jerry to talk about, dare I say cabinets. Kitchen bloody cabinets. Could this be our man? Oddly enough when Jerry asked us what we wanted we just looked at one another because we had been living so long – since 2005 – with an unusable kitchen we actually didn’t know how to answer him. Husband and I went to lunch and for my birthday I got a new camera since the other finally bit it from being in the rain. To wrap up the night a little wine with some sausage, fruit, bread cracker, and cheese. Perfect.

Friday – We started our day with the husband back in the garden and me researching on line for how shall I say – a little psychological warfare. Since you all know what has been going on around here – it had stopped – I am preparing for when it starts again, and I assure you it will.

By 11:15 we were at my in-laws moving 3 scoops of pea gravel. One would think that we would have had enough but no – we finished the garden clean up, covered the path with landscaping fabric and laid down some pea gravel. We are trading my father-in-law pea gravel for sweet peat. Today is the first day that I actually cooked at home. Steak on the grill, tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese and Sicilian bread to complete it. I forgot the red wine.

Saturday we have a function to attend to with our friends George and Don. Can someone say clam bake?!



I have a tiny problem – I think.

I have a small confession. I think, I may possibly have a door fetish.

There I said it, now with that out of the way.

I want these doors.

These are not just any type of door, these are the doors I swoon over.

Someone get me the drool bucket, make that a trough because I want these.

I must have them.

I have no use for them at this moment. However, I have ideas I tell you that involve that front porch.

B has other ideas for them which I think the husband was not amused at. B should have been talking me out of these beautiful, gorgeous doors, not encouraging more ideas.

The husband stated and I quote: “You lost me at the word doors“.

Could this be due to the fact that I have gotten two more doors – for free. This makes 4 doors in our garage at this moment. I have one that is an Arts and Crafts with all of the lead glass in mint condition and one that needs some work that is like the ones in the photo except it is one full door not French doors.

Now where can I get a pickup truck to go them – we down sized our old one – this is the only time I miss that gas guzzling monster.

Do you think the husband would notice if I brought home 2 more doors? – well actually – 4 pieces that make 2 doors.

She has good bones

The house, well – what can I say we decided to keep a family home in the family and so we purchased it. This house was built by my husband’s family; actually the husband’s family built many homes in this area and even started a local bank.

Now, let’s get to the real deal about this house.

There are many times we ask ourselves “what were they thinking?” We shake our heads in disbelief and just deal with the issues that have been presented. I am still dealing with the issue of the kitchen floor, the kitchen in general, and found hope in some of the other rehab blogs in getting motivated to finish dealing with that damn floor/kitchen.

Back to the house, this 63 year old house is one very stripped out, no bells no whistles bungalow. There is no beautiful woodwork, no arts and craft nothing, no built in cabinet anywhere, no window seat, no beautiful craftsmanship of any kind anywhere in or about this house internally or externally. Hell we are still trying to figure out what material was used as “drywall” in the upstairs dormer. Not even our Contractor knows what this stuff is except he has never seen it in a house.

So the whole concept of “wow a family home built by family builders must be so cool” has just been trashed. This puppy was slapped up my friends and to really drive this point home they used scrap pieces parts of other builds’ to make it.

The dream is to give her the bells and whistles she deserves with her own identity. She should stand out, be an example of what could be – with just a little imagination, patience and money.

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