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How Was your Monday?

Early this morning about 7:15 a.m. The Husband says “we have an accident”. On a very old rug by the door is the accident.

People – we have been dealing with a sick dog since Friday morning. I had just fed the dogs, went to wake the husband, stepped out side, came in and the husband says “we have an accident”.

This is who caused the accident:

Poor Stella couldn’t even keep it in her for 15 minutes. And that is something that never happens. Now we started feeding her chicken and rice yesterday – hoping that whatever was going on with her stomach would stop – Fat chance in hell that happening.

Luckily we had vet appointments today and appointments tomorrow, except today it was the cats that were supposed go in – and tomorrow the dogs. Change in plans, the dogs went today and the cats tomorrow.

Stella has eaten something she should not have. What that was? – your guess is as good as mine. What ever it was, it is not some sort of parasite, not bacterial, viral, not a blockage (one of my worst fears, been down that road once before), but something that has made this dog sick.

So tonight I will wrestle with this 60 lb dog to give her a pill and tomorrow she goes back in for another shot. Tomorrow morning will be a fun ride to the vets. One dog and two crying cats – let the fun begin.

This is the biggest cry baby ever:

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