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Ode to the Sump Pumps

I was going to go to a council meeting tonight and listen to the lame dialogue, this would be lack of dialogue, between Administration and Council about our city budget. I am tired and really not in the mood to be bored to death when it should be a rather exciting meeting when your city is facing huge deficit.

I then thought that I would tell you about our flooring adventure. It occurred to me that it would be more fitting to write a thank you letter to my sump pumps.

Dear Sump Pumps,

Thank you for working nonstop from late Saturday night well into late Sunday night, early Monday morning.

Sump number 1 you never stopped to even take a break until 11:00 pm when you only shut off for about 30 seconds. How did you not burn out amazes me.

Sump number 2, without your assistance the basement would have flooded as you kept the water from cresting. Suspended over your companion sump number 1. you were cycling every 3 minutes.

What both of you could not see was that the neighbors yard was 80% underwater. The neighbors driveway and the side yard by where you both are located was under 2 inches of water. This is why the drain tiles were overwhelmed and you both had to work so hard yesterday.

The husband and I cannot even begin to express the gratitude that we feel for you both.

Neighbors back yard. I should mention this is a rental property and the renter was flooded out – again.

I think the husband and I are going to have a talk with Mr Landlord about the water problem. This water needs to be diverted from the side yard. Our sumps were pumping all the water that was infiltrating the drain tiles from neighbors yard. This makes me kinda angry because Mr Landlord has no sump and surely is not going to pay for our sumps when they burn out.


Someone build an Ark

It’s July 2004 and it is hotter than hell. In the wee morning hours a storm passed through – not that a storm is any concern – not to me at least until about 10:30 am when customers were rumbling about being flooded out.

I called home and asked the husband to check the basement which was followed by silence then asking the husband if we were flooded, I hear β€œHoly Shit”.

This is the beginning of getting to really know your city. Now this can be a very long enlightening story but I felt like keeping it short, sweet and simple.

You see, over the course of four very long years the husband and I became very educated about basements, storm sewers, backwater valves, drain tiles, sumps, EPA regulations, sewer projects, pumping stations, and I am sure – that I left a few things out.

Have that drink in your hand?

The short version:
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