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Old Acquintances

Ghetto Lawn meet Bob.

The front yard wasn’t supposed to start till fall however, and you knew there would be a “however”, when an opportunity knocks you take it.

We had an opportunity to use Bob and so we took the plunge.

Now there was an issue of dirt, a crap load a dirt. We also have a drainage issue with the rental property next door to us and he has an issue with flooding every time it rains.

You know where we are going with this.

We gave the neighbor the dirt. We will till it along with ours put in a grassy type swale to move the water from between the houses. Build a rain garden and finally re-landscape the front yard. This is by far the largest landscaping project we have taken on.

I figure it will take the rest of the summer in to fall to get it at 80 percent completion. The biggest issue we have is amending the soil. Clay soil sucks royal, even Bob was having a difficult time moving it. But that’s okay, we have a few tricks up our sleeve in dealing with the soil.

My best friend liquid dish soap, cheap dish soap and water. We have been dealing with the stuff for close to 12 years so what’s another area of the yard and clay soil mean to us – no big deal just a shit load of hard work.

This weekend we have a hot date with a rototiller, I can hardly stand it. This weekend will not all be lost on tilling the yards because Friday night we are heading to our favorite Czech place with a friend to try a new import that the husband has requested. Let me rephrase that – they will be trying it since I no longer drink beer – for me a nice glass of Riesling will be waiting.



I have a tiny problem – I think.

I have a small confession. I think, I may possibly have a door fetish.

There I said it, now with that out of the way.

I want these doors.

These are not just any type of door, these are the doors I swoon over.

Someone get me the drool bucket, make that a trough because I want these.

I must have them.

I have no use for them at this moment. However, I have ideas I tell you that involve that front porch.

B has other ideas for them which I think the husband was not amused at. B should have been talking me out of these beautiful, gorgeous doors, not encouraging more ideas.

The husband stated and I quote: “You lost me at the word doors“.

Could this be due to the fact that I have gotten two more doors – for free. This makes 4 doors in our garage at this moment. I have one that is an Arts and Crafts with all of the lead glass in mint condition and one that needs some work that is like the ones in the photo except it is one full door not French doors.

Now where can I get a pickup truck to go them – we down sized our old one – this is the only time I miss that gas guzzling monster.

Do you think the husband would notice if I brought home 2 more doors? – well actually – 4 pieces that make 2 doors.

Give me Color

We have batteries!

Digging up 16 feet of old landscaping is very therapeutic. Carefully digging up the old plants, grasses, finding new spots, a new home, pots for transportation takes your mind off of the rest of ones world.

So from a huge mess:

To this:

I realize that they are small now but I like to start with the baby plants to make sure they will like their new home. The lavender will become 2-3′ and the thyme will double by next year.

10 hanging baskets and 6 large pots – I would like more, – many more pots with plants. My goal is to add at least 3 large pots per year to the yard. There are no photos of the pots because the camera batteries decided that they were exhausted. I will have to get some photos of them.

We started with this:

Some of these:

A whole lot of this:


This area is the old shade garden. The upper level is mainly herbs and the bottom level is bushes and perennials. This one part of the yard started 10 years ago and has evolved over time. The last major over hall was when the trees came down and it was no longer a shade garden but full sun. This will be thinned out in the fall when we start on the front yard.

The patio:

We spend many evenings out here in the spring, summer and early fall.

The deck is where most mornings are spent. One could say that we gravitate downward as the day wears on. The reason is the lack of shade, actually no shade, which we see a need to do something about. Being the pale girl I am Mr. Sun does not like my skin nor do I like Mr. Sun. So with this mutual understanding I seek out the table with the umbrella for shear relief of Mr. Sun.

Cheers to everyone’s flowers and color!

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