The Little City that Couldn’t

Got that stiff drink?

My city is dying!

I wish I had something good to say, but in reality I just don’t. I am a hostage in my own city. I thought it was just me being an outsider and all, but after talking to some other transplants I found out that this city is the master of lies.

I refer to my city as an addict; it attempts to do the same things over and over expecting a different result. An addict’s primary goal is to seek out that old first time feeling. Ah, when life was good, when a simple fix did the job.

Well, there are no simple fixes, life is not good, and the industry is gone. Its time to go to rehab and learn to live a different way of life.

The old way no longer works, has not worked and will never work again. For some strange reason they just don’t seem to grasp this idea. So to break it down further with a plan included, it goes something like this:

The first step is accepting that we will never be what we once were – it takes a leader to pull this off. The second step is to make a realistic plan to get our city’s business in order. Focus, if you will, on the basics, for the basics have suffered for so long that all attempts to do anything will be pointless.

The basics consists of infrastructure, safety, housing and education. The four corner foundation posts of any city, since all of our posts are so badly damaged anything put on top of them will just crumble under the pressure. Kinda reminds you of an addict that crumbles when he has burned his last bridge. Again, a leader surrounded with the most creative and bright individuals is needed. This leader has to rally, sell and get people to believe in some very uncomfortable ideas – change.

This is a very easy concept and other cities are already doing so. Youngstown, Flint, Buffalo to name a few. My city is very aware of this and yet still there has been no forward movement to accept that we will never be what we once were. They are still chasing after the night in shinny armor who will save the day.

I have never lived in a place where the expectations were – there is no expectation – there is no pride, no shame, no standard of any kind here.

I contribute this to doing everything the same old way, with the same philosophy, same games, same BS. Is it possible that the lack of real independent leadership might be the issue? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “yes”.

Now most of us work for other people, if we don’t produce we will lose our job, no? I expect people to do their damn jobs here, I expect housing to take care of the stock, I expect street department to take care of the streets and so on.

When these things are not done or not done correctly the public is give a million and one excuses of why (insert issue here) is not being done. For a dollar can you give the number one excuse?

Yes you are correct – no money.

Yet for some reason there was money to be had for pay raises across the board. The idea of a pay freeze has never entered anyone’s mind or any other concession. The concept of if we want to survive we have to change the way we operate and do business.

The excuses are unacceptable, there have been huge consequences to the citizens for duties not being performed, plans not made for the future and the shear arrogance held by past leaders.

The future – excuse me while I finish laughing.

There is no real master plan for the city, no real zoning in place for if there were there would be no need to constantly change city zoning codes and yes “this is an emergency, wave the 72 hour rule please” which is heard far too often in council meetings.

Our famous Community Development, NOT! It would be so nice if they actually developed anything that would benefit the citizens of the city. There is just too much to talk about when it comes to the things they haven’t done. So, I feel they deserve a special post all their own.

Like I said, we have been watching, asking many questions for over 5 years now as to Why? Attach any urban issue you please, to form a question – it has been asked. Here we are years later still waiting on answers, methinks they are not going to be answered.

This is how I have concluded that our city is like a drug addict that will prostitute itself for a fix. How this city prostitutes its own citizens is just amazing.

You know there will be more to come on this subject.


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