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An Empty Kennel…..

There has been much going on these days.

During our stay-cation we did over 18 miles worth of hiking.

We learned that GF pizza sucks royal – I can still taste the foulness in my mouth 3 months later.

The husband and I have not touched anything that we are not suppose to have since August and at least for me I feel much better.

I have lost around 5 lbs due to not eating wheat or sugar.

I learned that strange forms of sugar make me vomit – this was by pure accident.

I have Stella the dog in CGC classes which the little shit is thriving in.

We have been dealing with a type of skin yeast infection with the other dog.  Can I tell you it is not good when you dog smells like a Frito.

There have been many dinners with friends, brunches after pack walks, and a good Bloody Mary is my new Sunday drink with brunch.

The most exciting thing is that if the stars align we will be adopting a new dog very soon.  Let me tell you about this boy.  He is young and handsome.  He really thinks that he is a rock star.  I guess if you were treated as such you would think so to.  He had a rough start, there has been some medical stuff but the boy is now on the road to recovery.  The rock star status came to be because he has been spoiled rotten – trying to make up for all the bad by every human who he meets.  The boy thinks that he should be petted by everyone.  He believes that he should meet/play with everything he comes in contact with.  He tried his smooth moves on Stella which only got him a yipe (he put his paw on her).  I think Stella told him its only our second date and you will keep your paws to yourself.  The girls seem to be okay with him.  Currently we are only walking the dogs together a couple times a week.  It is always best to do things very slow.  The husband has been walking him everyday for the last week and when I’m off we take the girls with us.  He is an interesting fellow who for his breed is very narcissistic.  We are not  sure if this is new because of being spoiled and not having rules, boundaries, some basic manners so this is why we are watching every little thing he does.   I really don’t want to deal with a dominate dog.  So we wait and see to make sure he is right for our family.

Now I am off to give Lena a bath to rid her of the Frito’s.


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