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They are Finally Mine!

I have coveted these for for years. Years I tell you. When the late 1800’s early 1900’s building was sold I thought they would be lost forever sitting in some landfill.

The General Contractor on the old building is a customer of mine. I asked – as soon as he started working on the building – if they were going to reuse the old front doors. General Contractor told me no. I asked “can I have them?” He had a funny look on his face and said “sure, I’ll let you know when I replace them”. BTW, they are free! This is where I did the happy dance. I could not believe that they would be mine.

Last week the doors found their new home. I was so excited. “B” was nice enough to come get them and deliver them safe to our garage where they will stay until we begin work on the front porch. Did I mention the doors are free!

I showed “B” this photo from the Woodbury House and told him this is what I’m going for – and asked what he thought about it. “B” said to me “if you want old windows like that I can probably hook you up.”

My friends, in this city it is all about who you know in order to find the good stuff. Shoot – I forgot a big shout out to “B” for rescuing another 4 panel solid wood door out of the garbage to replace our side door. Dude you are the man! Yes, this door was also free.


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