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The Turkey Aftermath….

No shopping here folks…work, work and more work.

B wants to skim coat the walls in the kitchen. I’m okay with that.

Saturday afternoon at 3:03 we started to tear out the floor. The floor is old, it smells, it smells and it is just plain nasty. It’s gotta go.

We are looking at 3 possible options when we get it as far as it will come clean.

1) is sanding and redoing the floor
2) is painting the floor and putting a few coats of clear coat on it
3) is cork – we are waiting to see the results from the blog Chezerbey to see if cork will work. When having dogs it is important to test flooring out before making a purchase. They are running the test and we are watching and waiting for the results.

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to remove out old flooring. My creativity came in the form of an iron. Steam and heat to soften the crap under the tile. I was concerned about using a heat gun and burning the house down, causing some chemical reaction, causing some sort of gassing. So the old iron became my very best friend for the last 24 hours. Our friend Doug brought over 2 heat guns last night and to tell you the truth I went back to the iron when one of the heat guns started melting. Nothing like the smell of burning plastic.

This floor originally had 5 layer to it 4 years ago. Carpet, carpet pad, tile, sub floor & linoleum.

We left off at the sub floor stage 4 years and it has sat like this every since.

Bye, Bye old sub floor.

Blue linoleum gone.

Remarks from the husband during this little project.
The husband: “I’m thinking sub floor”.
The husband: “You can forgive ignorance, but you cannot forgive stupidity”. “What the hell were
these people thinking”.

Let me remind everyone that it was the husbands family who built the house and his grandparents lived here. That last remark is said often around here.

Next stage is removing the rest of the black shit and the glue. I’m leaning towards rubber gloves for this. The very thought of putting my hands in any solution sends chills down my spine.

We took a mini break when a friend of ours called for an little impromptu get together. Even though we looked and probably smelled like something the cat dragged in we were grateful for the break – thank you R for getting us out of the kitchen and not minding that we looked/smell like hell. P the snacks were tasty and V I’m glad you found out that we are not people to fear – I still think that’s funny.

I need a shower and sleep. If there are any typo’s I will correct it tomorrow.


Happy Turkey Day….

Here in the rust belt, up north, it’s a typical Thanksgiving Day – cold and starting to rain.

This is the husbands and I year to host. So I’ve been a cooking fool and the husband has been cleaning and assisting me in the kitchen. Yes, he cleans and is damn good at it.

One hour from now our home will host the husbands family.

A conversation with the husband this morning.

Me: Is it to early to drink

The Husband: No, it’s a holiday.

Me: Excellent! Drinking rules do not apply on holidays.

I rather be here.

Have a Happy Turkey Day.

Kitchen Walls – Continued….Part 3

A picture that tells it all…..

The husband calls him “Mr. Bloody Face Smiley Guy”. The husband has an odd sense of humor.

Update: North wall will have to be replaced. The whole wall. This will be confirmed tomorrow with “B”. While the wall is open we will see if the window frame is on its way out as well. I’m gonna say a big fat yes on that one.

Yes – in our lovely older homes nothing ever goes according to schedule.

Update: B came over to assess the north wall. The verdict is….

We are good to go with a few minor repairs. The framing is not rotted, and main material behind the plaster is stable. Back on schedule.

Kitchen Walls – Continued….

It’s Saturday night do you know where your 5&1 is at?

It’s late, I know, I should be in bed.

The husband and I continued to work on the kitchen this evening after taking the dogs on a 4 mile hike.

Very interesting finds tonight. Remember the beige paint? Here is what is interesting and yet very concerning. We were able to get a 5&1 on top of the beige paint, under all the other layers and pull it from the wall. For the most part this stuff started to come off in sheets. There are areas that are still adhered to the wall that we scraped down to the white primer from long ago. We have a feeling that by morning we will be able use the same technique. The beige is the very first color that was ever painted on the walls. I recall when I was stripping the old cabinet that paint stripper wouldn’t touch this stuff. So what the hell is it? What is it made of? It is a paint product from 1943-1947. Nothing adheres to this stuff. How do you seal it?



The bottom of the north wall is hit. It is actually pushed out and shattered. We will have “B” come over on Monday and assess the actual damage and make a decision how far up to tear out if not the whole north wall. The material the wall is made out of has this board like stuff behind the grainy/concert with a skim coat of plaster over it. It is the board like material that is worrisome.

All in all we had gotten a lot done tonight. I am tired and I need to be up early in the morning to get a jump on this so we can prime out the walls on Tuesday. The north wall will have to be fixed right after Thanksgiving. Time is running out and we still have the damn floor to deal with prior to the install of the new kitchen cabinets.

On a happy note the pulls and latches came this week. Woooo Hoooo!

There are more photos here.

Kitchen Walls

I have decided to take a 2 day break from the kitchen madness. I thought is might be wise to rest up for the weekend marathon that is going to occur when I get home tomorrow from work.

This kitchen has looked like this for about 4 years since the husband and I were burned by a cabinet maker.

My tools: 60 grit sand paper, Craftsman hand orbital sander, scrapers, 5&1’s, drywall sander, various sandpaper grits for dry wall sander, shop vac, many filters, Visqueen, soap and water.

So for your viewing pleasure this is what we are dealing with.

Texture: Once upon a time I thought this was a good idea. Actually I love the warmth that textured wall brings to a home. Taking it off – I don’t love! I told the husband that if I get some hair-brained idea like this again to remind me what it took to undo it.

Texture: Old remaining tiles that I just removed on Wednesday night.

I started with this and moved to a hand sander with 60 grit. I have become very up, close and personal with our walls, possibly a little too personal.

A walk down memory lane – past colors.

Pumpkin Spice with Buttermilk: Two color, 3 Part paint processes. I like to call it “paper toweling” off.

Seafoam Green: In the beginning the whole entire house was this color. Every single room – must have been on sale that week. Blue: This was discovered under the seafoam green. I actually like this.

Beige/ Yellow-Gold: There was a cabinet that was destroyed in the first flood that was the same color beige.

Red/cranberry: I like this color – Grandma “S” had shelving on these walls prior to the cabinets.

I started with this:

Ended up with this:

More photos in flicker.

Off to bed.

Walls and Texture

I am shoveling my dinner down my throat to fuel up for the kitchen walls. This would be day number 3. The plan is knock out around the basement door, dinning room door and part of the west wall. We should of just gotten a sledge hammer and firemen tools and gutted the room. It would have been more fun.

This has been a slow, dirty, dusty, filthy – yes I’m focused on the mess that this causes and the 2 hours it takes me to clean up. However, we have smooth walls for new cabinets. I want this done by the weekend so that we may prime out the walls and make some decisions about color. I told the husband when Sunday rolls around I may just sleep the day away.

My fear is when I get to the north wall, this is the wall that was effected by the ice damn from last winter we are going to find problems. We will see – that sledge hammer in my hands may still happen.

Pictures to come, for I don’t have time to load them right now but we will say that it is very colorful and full of hidden memories of the kitchen from is long past. Sea foam Green anyone as a color choice?

Oh and before 10:00 I have to fit a walk in for the dogs.

It’s Here & Done!

This post has taken me over a week to write, things here have been all woodwork – Baseboards, Door Jams, Plinth Blocks, Corner Blocks, and Door Trim.

The husband placed and order on Tuesday morning November 3rd for the new baseboards and plinth blocks. We were planning on it being done in 2 weeks.

Well… will be at our door in about hour, Thursday night November 5th.

Do you believe it? We don’t!

Elegant Wood Products out of Grafton, Ohio totally rocks. These folks get it done.

Along with all the new molding we will also be receiving one drywall sander and its companion: the shop vac.

This is were I left off last week because we have been staining fools over here. An interesting side note: Always make sure they make the staining product that you’re using just in case you run out.

Saturday November 7th, I was on a mission to find an oil based pickling stain. Well they don’t make the shit anymore. Something about EPA laws and things of that nature, but hey we have this water based stuff. I have the water-based shit and it is not the same product which is why I am looking for oil base. Yes, I am peeved. The husband and I have to be at a party in 2 hours and now we have this issue of no product to complete the project.

Sunday morning I am up at 7:00 a.m. – don’t ask me why because I don’t know – I recalled seeing a recipe for pickling. Well the oil base paint mix with mineral spirits/tung oil/paint thinner, take your pick, I was on a mission. Off to one of those big chain stores I go to only find out that they no longer carry oil base products. Yes, there was major cussing going on. I have now wasted 2 hours of warm weather. Pissed, so pissed.

Now I had to wait until 10:00 a.m. to call the paint supply people to see if they have it. I called my cabinet maker guy to confirm the recipe for pickling. The cabinets are coming along great by the way. I cannot wait to see them in a couple weeks. So I mixed up my own stuff and ran a test piece at different ratios to see what we liked the best. I used a 1:1 ratio of tung oil to white oil base paint. Did I tell you that they only sell it in quarts now? Well I will never be with out oil base paint again. I purchased 4 of them bad boys.

The husband and I took advantage of the good weather and went to town. We were like a well oiled machine and cranked out the virgin wood and then went and re-pickled the other woodwork.

Last night at 12:06 a.m. we finished final sanding and sealing of the woodwork. I am so happy to be done with it.

Let’s face it staining, pickling is just not a fun topic unless you run out of product in the middle of the project. That is when things get very interesting. Notice the word “interesting” and not “exciting”?

So now in our basement sits piles of woodwork awaiting for “B” to put his magic touches to and get them up. I asked “B” Friday night if I could use his saws-all to take the old jams out and get a head start on it. B’s reply “no”, followed by “we are not going to make any more of a mess than we need to”. Bummer! I am hoping before Thanksgiving, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Next project the kitchen walls & and “The Floor” – Someone just shoot me now!

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