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Well….it’s November folks and tomorrow is a big day – Election Day! What’s on the meal ticket? They want more money! Everyone wants money!

My city, as it was quoted in the paper (cough, cough) has an 85% poverty rate. WOW! are you freaking kidding me! I guess the rest of the 15% are suppose to foot the bill. I don’t think so!

The political manipulation on all fronts, schools included, are down right disgusting. Folks – all the adds, letters to the editors etc is all manipulation directed at you. The playing one side against the other side is all nothing more than manipulation. The whole party line crap is just that – crap! They love to get folks going and keep people divided because if we all ever sat at the table together and put our heads together, we would figure out that these people have been playing us for a very long time.

Most politicians are full of themselves. Most will tell you anything to get the vote. These folks are not working for us in any way shape or form it just appears to look that way until you really start thinking – so what has really gone on in the last x amount of years? These people bank on the fact that Americans have a very short memory and that people are very distracted with life/TV these days. Because my friends they really don’t want us thinking too hard about anything, it would not be in their best interest if we did.

My city will never be what it once was, not 10 years from now, not 20 years from now or 50 years from now. It’s over, so can people please get with the program already. Telling us that you need more money is not getting with the program, it’s beating a dead horse.


End of September

September is almost over….hard to believe. Before we know it Halloween will be here. This is the 1st Tuesday that I have had off in a very long time and in spite of the rain it feels really good to be home.

We started this month with Tied-Dyed cupcakes. A little Labor Day celebration with a “Tied-Dyed” theme. Actually Ron was laboring at 4 in the morning making these little delicious cakes.

The Husband and I spent our vacation sleeping, eating, drinking and relaxing just as we promised ourselves we would. No big projects this time, not one. However, The Husband did do a small project. We are taking growing our veggies to the next level – cold frames. Excellent job honey, now for B to bring the other window over so we can get the larger one built.

The garden produced and is still producing veggies. This had led to drying veggies, canning veggies, freezing veggies and giving many veggies away to friends. These are sweet potatoes. I wasn’t even sure if we could grow them. I guess we can!

Since the weather finally broke we have been getting back into our weekend escapes with the dogs out of the city. This is a very special place for me. I spent a lot of time here when I lived in Cleveland and find peace when I visit.

A man fishing on a Sunday afternoon, perfect.

Black Stuff – GONE!!!

The Time was 10:30 p.m. as the last of the tar paper black stuff was lifted off the floor.

These are the must haves when one is going to take on a project like this:
Get out the phone book and turn to massage therapy, write that number down – call and make an appointment one month from that day. The next important task you’ll need to do is find the calmest radio station – classical music, we’ll say, and save it – trust me – in the beginning of this project you will need it. I call it a precautionary measure so sharp objects like a 5-in-1 doesn’t end up being thrown like a Chinese Star at the wall. When acceptance sets in that this is going to take what seems like forever then you can switch to whatever music pleases you. For me, I started with classical/new age music then moved to alternative rock. The last thing you will need is your favorite beverage of the spirit kind. Go and splurge on yourself, buy the most expensive, bring it home, now put it away. When the last of the tar paper black shit is removed and the nasty glue that accompanies it, you will be celebrating. There will be high fives, and a huge relief that the last piece of black tar paper/glue shit has been forever removed from the inside of your home. I forgot the most important thing patience – huge amounts of patience. You will need at times to call upon it, again, so a 5-in-1/your favorite sharp object doesn’t end up being used like a Chinese Star.

I don’t know why, but for me this was more important than the supply list of buckets, garbage bags, roll upon roll of paper towels (party back), 5-in-1, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, spray bottles, hot water, sponges (party back), and gloves (party back). Yes, I broke down and used the rubber gloves.

Note: If you get the tar paper, glue shit on your favorite work clothes the dawn dish soap will take it right out, so the husband tells me.

Nope! It’s not done Yet.

Now that the holidays are over – do Birthday’s count as holidays when they’re close to the holidays? If they count as a holiday then it isn’t over.

The Husband turned the big – I wont do that to him – and a close friend of ours is also celebrating. This Saturday birthday’s will be celebrated with good food and good drinks with superb company.

All has not been lost these past weeks. There was granite to order for the new sink cabinet. There was a stainless to order for the stand alone cabinet. Then there was a stainless back-splash that was ordered as well. Finding the right paint color was also an interesting task. It is always important to remember all to pieces/parts when picking paint color.

So here is where I am at with the bloody all hell floor. Please don’t ask me how many hours I have logged in on this puppy because I have literally lost track. Lets just say every day that I am off the floor and I spend a quantity of time together, we’ll just leave it at that.

6:00 a.m.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I deplore daylight savings. I laid there thinking to myself – why do we do this? I tossed and turned for the next 1/2 hour and thought screw it, so I got up.

How was every ones Halloween? Things here in the rust belt – well, there has been many shootings going on again in the next neighborhood over. Hearing gun shots is becoming a daily event. This was the 1st time in many years that the husband and I were home together. Now we had a decision to make – do we stay home and pass out treats to a bunch of 16 year old, man-child, hoodie-wearing, 22 packing, facial hair included, pillowcase carrying teens or do we go to our favorite place on the lake and grab a great burger, veggies and liquor. You know which one we chose – burgers and liquor of course.

I have a new shot for everyone to try. It’s called a “Little Beer”. I don’t like beer so you know that this is not a beer type beverage. This is a shot that looks like a beer. The owner bought it for us and another table – thanks Jim – and this is good stuff. So this is what is in it.

One full shot of Licor 43
Heavy cream – gives the head of beer effect.

Full instructions – here
Chill this or put the full bottle in the cooler – I would put the full bottle in the cooler, don’t want to dilute this yummy liquor with water.

Bottoms up.

We ended up stopping over a friends house who lives close by. He’s going through some rough times so we wanted to check on him, we weren’t the only ones, nothing like an impromptu gathering.

This by far has been the best Halloween in a long time – good food, good company and good beverages.

Plants and Shrubs

Where did I leave off prior to the puppy smack down the other night?
Oh yes… SHOPPING!!!!!!

The plant list:

2 Red Twigged Dogwoods

2 St John’s Wort’s (native)

1 Spice Bush (native)

1 Hinoki

1 Turtlehead (native)

2 Prairie Fire (native)

1 Blue Lobelia native plant

1 Wild Geranium native plant

1 Gaura Lindheimeri native plant

1 Salvia X Superba native plant – Meadow Sage

1 Swamp Milkweed native plant –

1 Joe-Pye Weed Chocolate brown –

3 Yarrow native plants

Gifts from the neighbor:

2 Cone Flower native plant

1 Forsythia

Gift from Mother Nature:

1 Hawthorn Tree – We are crazy, we know. I call this security for free.

Put it all together and it looks like this:

And we’re still not done.

Old Acquintances

Ghetto Lawn meet Bob.

The front yard wasn’t supposed to start till fall however, and you knew there would be a “however”, when an opportunity knocks you take it.

We had an opportunity to use Bob and so we took the plunge.

Now there was an issue of dirt, a crap load a dirt. We also have a drainage issue with the rental property next door to us and he has an issue with flooding every time it rains.

You know where we are going with this.

We gave the neighbor the dirt. We will till it along with ours put in a grassy type swale to move the water from between the houses. Build a rain garden and finally re-landscape the front yard. This is by far the largest landscaping project we have taken on.

I figure it will take the rest of the summer in to fall to get it at 80 percent completion. The biggest issue we have is amending the soil. Clay soil sucks royal, even Bob was having a difficult time moving it. But that’s okay, we have a few tricks up our sleeve in dealing with the soil.

My best friend liquid dish soap, cheap dish soap and water. We have been dealing with the stuff for close to 12 years so what’s another area of the yard and clay soil mean to us – no big deal just a shit load of hard work.

This weekend we have a hot date with a rototiller, I can hardly stand it. This weekend will not all be lost on tilling the yards because Friday night we are heading to our favorite Czech place with a friend to try a new import that the husband has requested. Let me rephrase that – they will be trying it since I no longer drink beer – for me a nice glass of Riesling will be waiting.

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