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Things here have been busy.

A stainless top to install.

Trim – it is amazing what the illusion of color will do for a room.

Couches to make, at least the frames. There are 2 which are 66″ X 33″ and 2 which are 33″ X 33″ – need to find the right salvaged doors to finish them.

Pillows to make.

Finished Floor. B wants me to give it a little more love.

In the midst of all of things that had to be finished and made, we hung out with friends and engaged in life. There are still many little things that need to be done and the major one is finding proper kitchen lighting.

The weather is getting warmer here up north and I am itching to get busy in the yard. The front yard needs spring and summer plants and the back 40 needs an over-haul. The husband and I will be spending much time straightening out the mess that occurred due to the rebuilding of the basement. That part of the yard has always been the last to be addressed because we really didn’t know what to do with it. The husband is always saying “less grass”. So, in keeping in spirit of the whole “less grass” movement the husband and I have much landscaping brain storming ahead of us.

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