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Lettuce Give Thanks

Lotsa lettuce…

and other stuff…

What started as this (from my last post)…

Has turned into this…

Lettuce not forget the Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Basil and Asparagus…

Lettuce eat many Salads!


In the Eye of the Beholder

If there is one thing I love about both Urban and Rural areas it is the abandoned buildings, very old buildings. These buildings catch my attention and I find them beautiful, architecturally pleasing and yet haunting.

Tom Kirsch is one photographer whose website “Opacity” – I stumbled upon back a few years ago – mesmerized me. I could spend hours going through photo after photo, reading where these places were, their history and study each and every one of them. Mr. Kirsch’s photos stir my emotions and imagination. What would the walls of this building say if they could talk? Imagine the activity during the 1940’s when these buildings were filled with people. The remains of buildings near and far that once produced and sustained so much and so many. So many thoughts run through my head as I gaze upon these works of art through Mr. Kirsch’s lens.

I think this man’s passion is what sharpened my interest in old buildings, I look at them differently now than I did before.

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