Just a Peek

I took a little trip yesterday to see this:

I could get into the whole story of how it felt that the forces we’re not in my favor of me getting to my destination. Naaah, not worth ruining the moment.

We are a couple weeks behind schedule on the cabinets and the husband and I are happy about it. It takes some of the pressure off of us to complete the kitchen floor and walls within the week. The Progress of the floor has been so slow it is starting to remind me of a government project.

The floor and I needed a break from one another in order to protect the walls. I was having many thoughts of throwing the 5-in-1 to see if it would stick in our kitchen wall like a Chinese star – I would say this kind of thinking warrants a break.

This afternoon we will meet with the cabinet guy to drop off the apron front sink at our usual halfway meet up point. There appears to be a slight mis-communication, mis-understanding about how the sink actually fits with the whole cabinet. No big deal really, just some minor adjustments have to be made.

Off now to hunt down some specifications for the sink.


4 Responses to “Just a Peek”

  1. 1 the husband December 14, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Happy 1-year Blog-versery
    You rebel, you.

  2. 2 Gary Wayne December 15, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    Those cabinets are looking really good. How are you going to finish them?

  3. 3 Nicole December 16, 2009 at 10:42 AM

    Lookin’ good. And wishin’ I was just “a couple of weeks” behind schedule. (I was going to finish the kitchen by the end of August. Right.)

  4. 4 Jane @ Beach House December 27, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    Looks fantastic – wish I was so far along…

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