The Turkey Aftermath….

No shopping here folks…work, work and more work.

B wants to skim coat the walls in the kitchen. I’m okay with that.

Saturday afternoon at 3:03 we started to tear out the floor. The floor is old, it smells, it smells and it is just plain nasty. It’s gotta go.

We are looking at 3 possible options when we get it as far as it will come clean.

1) is sanding and redoing the floor
2) is painting the floor and putting a few coats of clear coat on it
3) is cork – we are waiting to see the results from the blog Chezerbey to see if cork will work. When having dogs it is important to test flooring out before making a purchase. They are running the test and we are watching and waiting for the results.

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to remove out old flooring. My creativity came in the form of an iron. Steam and heat to soften the crap under the tile. I was concerned about using a heat gun and burning the house down, causing some chemical reaction, causing some sort of gassing. So the old iron became my very best friend for the last 24 hours. Our friend Doug brought over 2 heat guns last night and to tell you the truth I went back to the iron when one of the heat guns started melting. Nothing like the smell of burning plastic.

This floor originally had 5 layer to it 4 years ago. Carpet, carpet pad, tile, sub floor & linoleum.

We left off at the sub floor stage 4 years and it has sat like this every since.

Bye, Bye old sub floor.

Blue linoleum gone.

Remarks from the husband during this little project.
The husband: “I’m thinking sub floor”.
The husband: “You can forgive ignorance, but you cannot forgive stupidity”. “What the hell were
these people thinking”.

Let me remind everyone that it was the husbands family who built the house and his grandparents lived here. That last remark is said often around here.

Next stage is removing the rest of the black shit and the glue. I’m leaning towards rubber gloves for this. The very thought of putting my hands in any solution sends chills down my spine.

We took a mini break when a friend of ours called for an little impromptu get together. Even though we looked and probably smelled like something the cat dragged in we were grateful for the break – thank you R for getting us out of the kitchen and not minding that we looked/smell like hell. P the snacks were tasty and V I’m glad you found out that we are not people to fear – I still think that’s funny.

I need a shower and sleep. If there are any typo’s I will correct it tomorrow.


2 Responses to “The Turkey Aftermath….”

  1. 1 Karen Anne November 30, 2009 at 11:23 AM

    Is the bottom layer in the first photo the actual floor? That looks pretty nice.

    I had an oak floor that looked like that in my old house, finished with I have no idea what, probably decades ago, and it held up to four cats racing around on it and skidding around corners.

  2. 2 Michele November 30, 2009 at 7:44 PM

    Yes, that brown stuff is an actual floor. Tongue and groove flooring. It is not only our flooring but also our sub floor, this stuff is thick. It was the 1st area I did over 4 years ago and almost cried. It took so long and so many different products, out of frustration I covered it up and threw a rug over it.

    We would like to restore it, that has always been the goal. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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