Kitchen Walls

I have decided to take a 2 day break from the kitchen madness. I thought is might be wise to rest up for the weekend marathon that is going to occur when I get home tomorrow from work.

This kitchen has looked like this for about 4 years since the husband and I were burned by a cabinet maker.

My tools: 60 grit sand paper, Craftsman hand orbital sander, scrapers, 5&1’s, drywall sander, various sandpaper grits for dry wall sander, shop vac, many filters, Visqueen, soap and water.

So for your viewing pleasure this is what we are dealing with.

Texture: Once upon a time I thought this was a good idea. Actually I love the warmth that textured wall brings to a home. Taking it off – I don’t love! I told the husband that if I get some hair-brained idea like this again to remind me what it took to undo it.

Texture: Old remaining tiles that I just removed on Wednesday night.

I started with this and moved to a hand sander with 60 grit. I have become very up, close and personal with our walls, possibly a little too personal.

A walk down memory lane – past colors.

Pumpkin Spice with Buttermilk: Two color, 3 Part paint processes. I like to call it “paper toweling” off.

Seafoam Green: In the beginning the whole entire house was this color. Every single room – must have been on sale that week. Blue: This was discovered under the seafoam green. I actually like this.

Beige/ Yellow-Gold: There was a cabinet that was destroyed in the first flood that was the same color beige.

Red/cranberry: I like this color – Grandma “S” had shelving on these walls prior to the cabinets.

I started with this:

Ended up with this:

More photos in flicker.

Off to bed.


1 Response to “Kitchen Walls”

  1. 1 Gary Wayne November 21, 2009 at 12:05 AM

    I know you’re probably dog tired, but look at all the progress! I bet you almost won’t even want to paint it again.

    Keep going with the kitchen! It’s going to turn around soon.

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