Making Decisions and Traditions

Yesterday was election day.

The husband and I have a tradition. We vote, then we go to breakfast. I told him that I would make homemade pancakes but he insisted that we stick to the tradition.

Here in the dying city it’s all about politics and money (people, renewals and increases). Same stuff different year. A renewal passed for the port and the people sent a message – again – of we are not giving one more dime to the rest of you with your hands out. As I was checking other near by cities I saw the same results. Renewals were not an issue but increases were a not happening for many.

I wonder why? I don’t know, the thought of financial responsibility and all that it entails comes to mind. The fact that many people have had to make adjustments in their own personal lives and feel that government should be doing the same. I find it all rather interesting that so many had their hands out. Amazing, just amazing.

There has been many decisions made over the last week dealing with woodwork for the house as well as kitchen hardware. The husband and I kept going back to this one very simple style over and over. I have a rule if you keep going back to it, go with it.

Base Molding aka Base Moulding (English spelling)

To balance the new door trim and new base moldings we are using Plinth Blocks.
Plinth Blocks:

Door Trim:

We will be staining fools in order to have this stuff up by Thanksgiving.

Another decision that we decided upon was the pulls for the new kitchen cabinets and latches. We have this tendency to mix old and new. The husband leans towards modern and I lean towards the old but a cool look. We both like clean lines and not a lot of frills. Lets face it if we lived in a Queen Ann it would be a whole different ball game.



I cannot wait to actually have a kitchen that functions.

It is very hard to type with a cat in your lap – I just thought I would share that with everyone.


2 Responses to “Making Decisions and Traditions”

  1. 1 Nicole November 9, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    Oh wow! LOVE your choices. It’s going to look awesome!

    Makes me want to go put all the hardware on MY cabinets right now. Of course, it would help if all the doors were sanded and painted first! 🙂

  2. 2 Michele November 9, 2009 at 10:14 PM

    I cannot wait to see all of it pulled together. I am actually starting to get excited.

    Soon you will have a kitchen again. Its seems these projects take way longer than they should.

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