6:00 a.m.

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I deplore daylight savings. I laid there thinking to myself – why do we do this? I tossed and turned for the next 1/2 hour and thought screw it, so I got up.

How was every ones Halloween? Things here in the rust belt – well, there has been many shootings going on again in the next neighborhood over. Hearing gun shots is becoming a daily event. This was the 1st time in many years that the husband and I were home together. Now we had a decision to make – do we stay home and pass out treats to a bunch of 16 year old, man-child, hoodie-wearing, 22 packing, facial hair included, pillowcase carrying teens or do we go to our favorite place on the lake and grab a great burger, veggies and liquor. You know which one we chose – burgers and liquor of course.

I have a new shot for everyone to try. It’s called a “Little Beer”. I don’t like beer so you know that this is not a beer type beverage. This is a shot that looks like a beer. The owner bought it for us and another table – thanks Jim – and this is good stuff. So this is what is in it.

One full shot of Licor 43
Heavy cream – gives the head of beer effect.

Full instructions – here
Chill this or put the full bottle in the cooler – I would put the full bottle in the cooler, don’t want to dilute this yummy liquor with water.

Bottoms up.

We ended up stopping over a friends house who lives close by. He’s going through some rough times so we wanted to check on him, we weren’t the only ones, nothing like an impromptu gathering.

This by far has been the best Halloween in a long time – good food, good company and good beverages.


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