Give me Color, Texture, and Tickle my Olfactory’s

We have been plant shopping. We have been bush shopping. I hate shopping except for when it comes to plants, tools, house stuff and of course shopping for other people. When we purchased the chipper/shredder I could have wet my self. Big, red, loud and it was an excellent investment when you have two large maple trees and all your neighbors have trees. Sorry, I was reliving that euphoric feeling, back to the plants.

I started to write this last night when a visitor of the 4 legged kind ended up tangling with the neighbors 10 lb Yorkie mix.

There was this very beautiful male pit taking himself for a walk, as I found out. That’s right, someone busted loose and decided a late stroll was in order except his owner wasn’t included. Now the 10 lb munchkin was doing one of two things either protecting his territory, his people or both – I really want to believe this. Little Man was not on lead or chained up, he was actually in my yard and I had just taken him back to his property just minutes before. I actually thought the pit belonged to one of the people who was visiting, as I learned very quickly that wasn’t the case.

Little Man thought it would be a real cool idea to mount, that is display dominance over the 60 plus lb pit. Now, I have to admit that the pit, we’ll call him Big Boy, was a very tolerant boy. Little man did the dominance thing at least 5-6 times, all the while growling and displaying aggression. Little Man was showing no love for Big Boy. Little Man was also not coming when called/screamed at by his owners.

I put a call into our local police department explaining that we had a pit loose, that he was tangling with the small dog next door and that this was going to get ugly. To which dispatch tells me that the dog warden would be back in the morning. WTF?…are you kidding me?…no shit, I already knew that. I also know that our police will do what ever is necessary to get the dog where it needs to be, which is not running loose in neighborhoods.

Within 5 minutes I was calling back. Big Boy had enough of Little Man’s crap and it became ugly fast. Another call to the police department dispatch, I wonder if she could hear the dogs fighting in the background? Now a car is getting sent.

While I’m on the phone I see the owner of Little Man hitting Big Boy with a broom trying to break up the fight. I’m thinking – if this dog is “lit up” as they say, she is going to be next. The owner was able to break it up, her kids grab Little Man and make a run for the house, Big Boy was following. I hung up with dispatch and called Big Boy from my front porch so everyone could get in safe, including me. Big Boy decided to continue his walk and was off running between the houses and I made a break for Little Man’s house with rags and peroxide in hand.

I have to be totally honest – I expected the worst. I expected deep puncture wounds, torn flesh, ripped throat etc. To my surprise and lucky for Little Man, he had teeth mark abrasions, a nasty tear under his arm which was bleeding like no tomorrow, a cut by his eye, but all in all – he was in good shape. I believe that Big Boy was putting Little Man in his place and not trying to hurt him. If this dog was a fighter he would have ripped him to shreds. This tiff was over dominance aka pecking order and nothing more.

Police show up, I go to meet them since I’m the one who called. As I’m talking to the officer, which I must apologize for interrupting his dinner – no I really feel bad about that – but who comes walking up? – Big Boy. Big Boy is sizing me up, and believe me, I’m thinking “are you friendly pit or mean pit?” I have not been that nervous around a dog in a very long time – I was scared.

Officer: Where is the dog?
Me: Standing next to me.
Officer: What is he doing?
Me: Smelling my boots.
Officer: I want you to walk very slowly to your porch.

I trust my officers, I knew that he would do what ever was necessary and that included shooting this dog if he made a move on me. I knew this, I accepted this though I never want to witness it or be a part of it. So I walked and Big Boy is following me, not chasing just walking with me. The officer shouted “Hey Dog” to get his attention which helped me make it inside my house. Within 5 minutes this officer had this dog in the back seat of his cruiser. Awesome in my book – Just awesome.

Big Boy appeared happy to be going for a car ride – no joke.

I don’t think that this is a bad dog. He put up with some major crap from Little Man and had enough. I feel awful knowing that this dog was probably put down today because of his irresponsible owner. I was surprised that the dog had tags on, not a common sight where I live. Had I trusted this animal I would have simply called the owner to come and get his/her dog and none of this would have happened. Like I said when it comes to certain breeds here you have a 50/50 chance of getting bit. Little Man being the little man that he is, took an already bad situation and made it worse.

I have a difficult time understanding owners who know that their dogs have issues with other dogs/people. Would allow them to have full run of their yard with no fence to keep them in and others out. I know my one dog has issues because she herself was attacked as a young pup and we make sure that on her property we don’t allow strange dogs within the fenced in area. Little Man almost tangled with her once before because he got into our yard without me knowing and I had just let the dogs out. I had to grab Stella and get her in before she got to him. Understand Stella has never bit anyone or any dog it is that we don’t trust her when it comes to her yard because of certain behaviors she displays. This is a precautionary measure only. If I know this about my own dog why is it so hard for others to understand their own dog. I don’t understand it. I don’t think that I will ever understand it.


4 Responses to “Give me Color, Texture, and Tickle my Olfactory’s”

  1. 1 Karen Anne September 3, 2009 at 4:57 PM

    I hope there is a chance the dog wasn’t put down. Where I live a dog who attacks a human is in considerable trouble, but for things like this, particularly since the dog exercised restraint, the owner might just get a warning that the next time measures would be taken.

    It could be that he just accidentally got out. I found a golden lab wandering down the street headed for a heavily trafficked street where I lived before, and it turned out someone’s housekeeper had left a gate open.

    (After waiting around for animal control a long time – he had tags but no one was answering that phone number, so I left a message but figured I couldn’t just leave him back there – I drove him to animal control, which is a decent place. It was an experience having a huge golden lab in the passenger’s seat of my little car, mellow, enjoying himself looking at the scenery. I did check later and the owner had picked him up.)

  2. 2 Michele September 3, 2009 at 6:19 PM


    I am hoping as well. The husband and I know the vet who he went to. I know they will do an assessment on him and the owner may just have to shell out some money. Like I said this dog had tags. I’ve been around some very aggressive dogs in my time and that is not the vibe I got from this dog when I first saw him.

    btw little man never went to the vets. He was back to his old self by morning. It will be interesting to see if he will interact with any other dogs like that again. Next time he may not be so lucky.

    You are a good person with a huge heart. Many people would have turned a blind eye and walked away.

  3. 3 Nicole September 4, 2009 at 8:28 AM

    Just like with people, those little guys can sometimes have extremely huge chips on their respective shoulders. Glad both he and you were OK.

    Clearly, that pit could have eaten Little Man so I hope he didn’t get put down. Pit bulls get a bad rap. They’re not instinctively mean. (You’d be mean, too, though if someone treated you the way they do when they’re training these guys to fight!)

  4. 4 Michele September 4, 2009 at 8:53 PM

    You said it Nicole. That boy had a huge chip on his shoulder.

    The “things” I have seen humans do to these dogs in order to get them “ready” angers me to no end. They put weights around their collars to strengthen their neck muscles and parade them around the “hood” like a prize fighters. They actually are stupid enough to have U-Tube videos of encouraging aggressive behavior and they are stupid enough to tag it with the city name. I look though the lost dog adds to see if there is an influx of small dogs going missing or that had been taken. It does happen and that is usually the reason.

    I had a conversation with a friend from a not so good area of town a couple months back and simply asked him who was fighting dogs in his neck of the woods. He asked why I thought dog fighting was going on. I told him people in this city, in his area, do not ride their bikes and run their dogs. A simple observation that stuck out like a sore thumb. A few weeks later they busted a bunch of folks fighting dogs. Get this, these people have become so bold that the ass wipes were doing it in the middle of the damn street. I say you fight dogs, have anything to do with dog fighting you should be shot.

    There is a house a few block down my street who is in the business of breeding pits. Not for show, not for temperament, strictly for money. They are ghetto trash, who now, when their dog has a litter she only advertises as “puppies for sale”. Yep, ghetto trash is breeding some quality dogs here in this city and trying to do it under the wire at that.

    They tried to ban pits/bullies here in our city, that went over like a fart in church. I have mixed feelings about the issue. It’s not the dogs, it’s the irresponsible humans who obtain them for all sorts of interesting reasons.

    For me when I see a pit, I see the symptoms of this city.

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