Give me Color

We have batteries!

Digging up 16 feet of old landscaping is very therapeutic. Carefully digging up the old plants, grasses, finding new spots, a new home, pots for transportation takes your mind off of the rest of ones world.

So from a huge mess:

To this:

I realize that they are small now but I like to start with the baby plants to make sure they will like their new home. The lavender will become 2-3′ and the thyme will double by next year.

10 hanging baskets and 6 large pots – I would like more, – many more pots with plants. My goal is to add at least 3 large pots per year to the yard. There are no photos of the pots because the camera batteries decided that they were exhausted. I will have to get some photos of them.

We started with this:

Some of these:

A whole lot of this:


This area is the old shade garden. The upper level is mainly herbs and the bottom level is bushes and perennials. This one part of the yard started 10 years ago and has evolved over time. The last major over hall was when the trees came down and it was no longer a shade garden but full sun. This will be thinned out in the fall when we start on the front yard.

The patio:

We spend many evenings out here in the spring, summer and early fall.

The deck is where most mornings are spent. One could say that we gravitate downward as the day wears on. The reason is the lack of shade, actually no shade, which we see a need to do something about. Being the pale girl I am Mr. Sun does not like my skin nor do I like Mr. Sun. So with this mutual understanding I seek out the table with the umbrella for shear relief of Mr. Sun.

Cheers to everyone’s flowers and color!


2 Responses to “Give me Color”

  1. 1 Nicole July 14, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    wow! That’s awesome! Love all your plants. (They would die if I tried that.) Very, very pretty!

    Also wish I could magically replicate your patio. ultimately, that’s what I’d like to have out back instead of the wood deck. I know how much work brickwork is though so I don’t think it’s in my future.

  2. 2 Michele July 14, 2009 at 6:12 PM


    Thanks for the kind words, I swear you could make these and they would live.

    This is my 3rd year in making them and each year they get a little better. I am still learning just how many plants I can stuff into a basket.

    I owe the harvested rain water for the rest. They have to be watered every single day if there is no rain. It can be a workout but well worth it for the end result – happy plants.

    The patio is a combination of 3 materials, 100 year old salvaged bricks, dug up flag stone and new pavers.

    The cost was not much and the new pavers are due to the 100 year old brick shattering in the winter. So ever year we buy a hand full of paver to replace broken bricks. This year, no pavers were purchased.

    We actually have both the wood/trex deck and the patio. One space transitions to the other.

    I think it is part of the husbands master plan to have as little lawn to mow as possible.

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