From Zero to Sixty

If you ask the husband and I will concur with him – people I have been in a funk. I have had zero motivation to do anything that needs to be done. The reason for this funk is that living in a negative environment day after day will take its toll on you. Humans need positive stimuli, positive rewards, intelligent conversation from time to time. Hell, I’ll take anything at this point, I am that desperate. Living in this city is like a constant battle to keep ones head from just exploding.

So what has changed in the last couple weeks?

Well, a get together with some out of towners. It is interesting to see peoples first reactions to this city. What is even more amusing is their reaction when they become intimate with it. What is not so obvious at first becomes just painful. Like a cut that turns into a nasty staph infection. It is not what is at the surface but what lies beneath.

You drive, walk, visually see that something just isn’t right but you can’t put your finger on it until you start talking to the folks that actually live here day after day. All kinds of people, from every walk of life and then it just leads you down a path of more questions, followed by a WTF.

Validation, it is a beautiful thing my friends.

In the last two weeks the husband and I have been working on the yard. When you have neighbors that haven’t fully grasped the concept that if you allow weeds to flower then seed you will have more weeds, your neighbor will have weeds and this cycle just repeats itself over and over. They have never lived in a house with a yard – they come from the concrete jungle of the city – so we hope by example they will learn to join in the battle of getting rid of the weeds.

It has not been all weed pulling, the re-landscaping of 16 feet of our driveway side property was my Sunday project. The mess had to go, so I called B up and told him what I had and asked if he wanted it. I like to give my plants away and see them find new homes. So they are now residing as landscaping for a late 1800’s, early 1900’s commercial property. That just makes me feel good.

The “Ghetto Lawn” will have its date with a Bobcat in fall. All the landscapers I know are booked solid. Fall I feel will be a better time due to cooler temperatures. We have too many unfinished projects that will require the warmer weather to complete, so I think and hope that I have snapped out this funk and have taken measures to bring some balance back into my life.


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