Integrity Wins!

Let’s hear it for integrity – it’s seems to be contagious – Not! I thought I’d share the aftermath of the power of the e-mailing.

I wasn’t the only person who questioned the behavior of a certain board member and his decision making process. This is good because it doesn’t make me look like some crazy person. Some other folks would tell you different.

This is what happened:

The meeting with the block watch captains happened.

The person facilitating the meeting stated that the “Political Action Committee” would be in after this meeting officially ended. Imagine that, should have been set up like this from the beginning. Give people choice if they wish to leave.

The Board is no more, at this meeting it was officially dis-banded and some restructuring will be taking place. I applauded this decision because it should have happened over a year ago. Now things can get done.

Myself and the other board member have been called names on the local message boards. Wow, stand up and not roll with the flow, you get labeled a mental health nut-case. No, I didn’t feed into it because the folks who are doing it look like fools.

Myself and the other board member pissed a whole lot of folks off. Oh well – Like I said, this homey don’t play that !

The best part was that the political action committee did a no show. How funny is that?

Power to the little people.


1 Response to “Integrity Wins!”

  1. 1 the husband April 9, 2009 at 10:35 AM

    I am very proud of you for the stances you take and the choices you make. Somebody’s got to do it. I am glad it is you.

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