It’s All About Integrity

Grab your favorite beverage and join me.

After a glass of wine and the re-attaching of my head to my shoulders a question kept coming up over and over – “Do I have a valid reason to be angry”?

In the last 72 hours my patience has been pushed to the limits and my integrity tested. Integrity won because I resigned – This homey don’t play that!

You see I have had this non paid position on this board that deals with block watches. If you live in an urban area you might belong to one. Block watches are a good thing.

The city-wide board that I sit sat on, with its non paid positions meets 4 times a year, every quarter to touch base with the Captains of the the block watches. This is to makes sure that every is going okay, address any problems, plan any events for the future, things of that nature.

We have one rule no political stuff of any sort. No campaigning of any sort – by anyone – for any thing.

I knew we had a meeting coming up this week, no problem, I was eager to get down to business to do some problem solving because my dying/dysfunctional city is going to be laying off many folks and it would be a good idea to deal with the aftermath of how we will be effected.

Husband: “You need to come and read this”.
Me: “read what”? – local message board.
Husband: “Did you know about this”?
Me: “NO” – hand starting to shake, head ready to explode.
My head is popping off.

On the local message board, he (head dude) of the board, talks about the meeting for said organization with a special note about a committee and a presentation that they will do about the tax renewal. I was blind-sided, had no idea that this was going to be going on.

Now this issue has now started a debate on the local message board between citizens and head dude of the board for the block watches. Head dude decided to take it upon himself and set this meeting up. Citizens confront head dude upon which head dude tries to justify, rationalize, became sarcastic, finally condensending, non professional towards the citizens. Mind you, both belong to block watches, one is a council person and one is running for a council position and both live in the worst parts of this city. The debate was over the fact that the tax renewal committee has no business being allowed in this meeting. They are correct.

The Committee has been set up by my dysfunctional city in order to sales pitch – my bad – market why they need this renewal.

Now this tax has been in place for 5 years, we are in year number 5. This tax was approved due to huge loss of business. Now get this – this tax was for city government to get their spending in line with actual revenue. Now I will tell you that in 5 years things have not gotten better but worse and one does not need a crystal ball to realize that this was going to happen. Any how, the renewal is for another 5 years, kinda starting to sound like a permanent deal don’t you think?

This prompts me to send various cc-ed e-mails to all important parties including the chief of police, and head dude (I’m a transparent kinda gal) as to why this is not okay. Stated in the e-mail that I would not be manipulated by committee or the mayor, nor allow volunteers to manipulated either. That we don’t allow this by anyone. We all know the state of the city (DUHHH) and why is our time being wasted when we have much to cover. Head Dude’s behavior was unprofessional on local boards, apologies owed to many by head dude, no communication – as always – by head dude, etc. To seal this deal of  I mean business, I also stated that I would resign my non-paid position if this is allowed to go on.

A couple phone calls later with much debate and I got this impression that not one person of importance knew the political presentation was going to go on. I find that most interesting.

Finally a day later, an oh by the way an e-mail from head dude. Oh by the way, I invited the committee to give a short presentation about the renewal. He goes on to say, now get this – I feel that people should vote based upon facts and not their emotions.

Really? So you are trying to sway peoples beliefs now?  Interesting.

Exactly why this organization of volunteers is not suppose to have any thing to do with such matters. He then goes on to say the meeting is not to pressure people. Oh so what then is the purpose of this little informative presentation suppose to do, I wonder. WTF – Are you kidding me?
I guess he (head dude)  thinks he must save the voters from themselves.

I don’t think so, no means no.

The best part of head dudes e-mail was no admission of his behavior of any sort.

Head dude doesn’t grasp the concept of what selling an idea aka marketing is, so I enlighten him, of course I cc’d it to all important peoples.

I inform head dude in order to get all the facts one would have to have a debate, after all this is a issue dealing with voters and their money. So one would need to hear both sides. If I’m trying to get you to part with your money (specially during these times) I’m going tell you things that will benefit my cause, No? Do you really think I’m going to give you all the facts?  Answer, I don’t think so! Why, because there are no benefits in doing so. We are talking about, after all, city government.

This is where that stupid stick would come in soooo handy. How many ways to do I have to say it and the man still didn’t get it. NO means NO!

I don’t have time for this, I will not attach my name to an organization that will change its rules when it feels like it. I will not belong to an organization where the head dude will not take responsibility for his actions and his behaviors. I will not be manipulated by anyone. I will not get sucked into the dysfunction. Is it any wonder why things don’t get accomplished? Hello, anybody home up there?

Refilling that glass of wine right now.

This my friends, is a tiny snippet of living here in this damn city. A toast if you will – now with one hand grab your favorite beverage and raise it high in the air. With the other hand grab that handy stupid stick – Here’s to surviving another day in dying city. Cheers.


3 Responses to “It’s All About Integrity”

  1. 1 Nicole April 5, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    Toasting you for standing on principle. If more people involved in government — at any level — did this, maybe we wouldn’t be in the ginormous mess we’re in right now.

  2. 2 Michele April 5, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    Cheers to that Nicole.

  1. 1 Integrity Wins! « Rust Belt Rebel Trackback on April 8, 2009 at 4:55 PM

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