Here Kitty, Kitty

We didn’t sign up for this but somehow things just come to you.

For some people this is a very touchy subject and I will apologize right now. If you live in an urban area it is a huge problem.

We have a feral colony that we care for, somehow the cats have always felt that our yard is their oasis. They were here before we were. To be honest we have gone above and beyond to make sure the dogs and the cat’s paths do not cross and when they do, nobody gets hurt. It has worked really well and because of this we have been privileged views into a life that so few have ever witnessed.

The husband and I spent most of last summer doing what is called TNR. It is a very long sad story how we got there and one that I don’t like to really talk about because I, for the first time in my life, witnessed how cruel humans can actually be to small 4-legged creatures. I prefer to talk about the only positive thing that came from that incident.

The husband and I had been searching high and low for years for someone, anyone who could help us with finding a Trap/ Neuter/ Release program. We went to the city, the county, asked local vets and there was no one. Yes, my city sticks its head in the sand and hopes it will all just go away, there had been mentions of TNR Program but no action.

The awful incident happened and a woman contacted me because I had blogged about it (I used to write for another blog). This woman saved me from a breakdown, I had been surrounded by so much death in 4 years that I felt like it was doing something to my soul. Being a witness to mans worst behaviors was messing with my psyche. Don’t tell anyone but I am a huge mush ball when it comes to animals as if you couldn’t tell.

The husband and I developed this concept, if you want some thing done you have to do it yourself.

The husband and I paid for TNR services from a near-by city (ours doesn’t have any). We Trap, We spay/neuter, We release, We feed and We built them homes/shelters/feeding stations on our property.

There are reasons for this – to get the population to zero, to keep them out of the trash and keep them out from under the hood of cars. So everyone understands these are not our pets. No human can pick them up, pet them or anything else that your would do with a normal house cat. A Feral Cat is social with its colony but not with the majority of humans. The husband and I, to date, have TNR’d 34 cats in our neighborhood, we have about 8 ferals left to TNR. Our city knows what we are doing and they leave us alone. I don’t think that they want me to blog any more about irresponsible, ill behaved humans or the fact that they themselves could have done something over 9 years ago and choose not to.

So from time to time I will share special moments with you all about the feral cats.

This story is a humorous one; actually the husband and I could not believe our eyes as it happened. We all know that spring is in the air, this is bad, and this means baby kitties are being made. There are 2 females that must be fixed and have been difficult to trap.

Now we all have heard of a Sex Therapist, right?
Well the one Neutered male, for what ever reason, thinks that this is his job. He was showing a young male (he’s on the list) how to do “it”. I am not kidding you, this really happened, I couldn’t make something up like this even if I wanted to. The Sex Therapist Feral Cat then would stand by and watch. I’m sure he was coaching in his non-verbal cat ways and not being a voyeur. I wonder how much Sex Therapist Feral Cat was charging the young male for his expertise and wisdom – maybe some fresh catnip.


2 Responses to “Here Kitty, Kitty”

  1. 1 bettyl March 24, 2009 at 2:01 AM

    It’s a very good thing that you are doing. Good on ya!

    And thanks for the insight into feral cat sex therapy! That was a hoot!

  2. 2 Michele March 24, 2009 at 2:08 PM


    Thanks for coming by. Nice photos of your homeland. I’m glad you found the post a hoot. I wasn’t sure how this would go over with people, now I know.

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