Fast Forward – Yard

I should bring everyone up to speed on the improvements we have made.  Let’s start with the outside of this house in the last couple of years. First we had to take down 2 very large trees, one was sick, the other too close to the house and both were improperly planted. The second was to move our brick patio from back of the garage to the back of the house, and third was to add a deck.

Taking the trees down made the back yard look like a bomb went off – huge mess to clean up.

Moving the patio was a hard work, but worth it. The patio is made of a composite of three materials. Salvaged 100 year old bricks, modern pavers and dug up old slabs of slate.

The deck was designed by our contractor to fit the scale of the house and to allow for a three season room to be added down the road. Every project leads up to another project so that we can do everything in stages. Our contractor even made us a very special gift to bring the two outdoor spaces together – “B” is all about flow of traffic and how spaces feel. As I went looking for photo’s of the deck and patio together I cannot find them on this PC. I will have to ask the husband where they are at.

We are still in the process of re-landscaping the yard. The yard has not quite recovered from when the foundation was replaced and trees taken out but it is getting there. With the addition of the deck we have privacy issues that we need to address. As interesting as it might seem, I really don’t like looking into my neighbors back yards. The new neighbor next door in a full two story farm house – I really don’t like the idea of them looking into our back yard. So, landscaping for privacy continues to haunt my dreams.


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