Rules of Engagement

One should always follow the rules of engagement when one is drinking the spirits of the gods.

Rule number one – Food.
If one is going to be drinking it is always a very good idea to eat that prime rib dinner which is why you went to the restaurant to begin with.

Rule number two – Water.
If one is going to skip eating said prime rib dinner then one should be drinking water with said spirits.

Rule number three – keeping track of said beverages that one is drinking.
Enough said.

This past Friday the husband and I met with a fellow blogger friend for a pre – dinner drink. Oddly enough we weren’t the only ones who had the same idea.

The husband and I found ourselves among some of our favorite peeps from our dysfunctional little city. Like minds think alike, introductions were to be had, the spirits flowing like a river, with long over due stimulating conversation.

Was is it any wonder why the rules were broken?

I guess I needed a walk down memory lane to remind myself why one should never break the rules of engagement.


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