Fences Make Good Neighbors Part 2

The fence was going in no ifs, no ands, no buts about it. Permit pulled, materials purchased and the peace maker would be in by Saturday prior to band practice.

The little ass-wipes decided it was a good idea to play a game of hoop it up. Imagine that, when we started to remove the landscaping basketballs were flying through the air. For some strange reason it was all important to make that shot 20 feet from the middle of the driveway to the hoop. It turned into a game of intimidation and we were not going to be the ones who lost. The fence was going in.

Even with the additional fencing, our patience were still being tested. Sometimes the patience runs thin and time runs out.

Sitting at the kitchen table one morning, just happened to be off that day, I see something come flying in the yard and then heard a smash. Our lot is 100 feet plus from the back of the house. I immediately looked to the neighbors house, guess which one, and there is Satan’s Spawn out on their back upper porch. I ran to the back yard and low and behold a broken liquor bottle. Now we have 2 dogs at this time, which had full run of the yard, had we not been home and unaware of what had happened – can we say vet bills?  Who would be stuck with the vet bills, us! That was it, I was done and I wanted to knock the living piss out Satan’s Spawn once and for all.

Husband: Call the police.
Me: For what reason, they aren’t going to do anything about it.
Husband: Call

Husband dials the police number and hands me the phone. I think husband was buying time for me to calm down.

Me: This is so and so at such location you need to send a car out.
Dispatch: What is the problem?
Me: Explain problem.
Dispatch: We will send out an officer as soon as we can.
Me: If an officer isn’t here soon I will take care of the issue myself.
Dispatch: Silence.
Me: This has been an on going problem, I am done.
Dispatch: Mrs. (last name) – we get someone out there as soon as possible.

They were here within minutes.

The very nice, very big tall officer came. We talked, showed him broken bottle, explained the on going problems, he commented how nice the back yard was and was surprised that it was so nice – in this neighborhood – then asked who did the landscaping.

Mr Officer went next door, retrieved Satan’s Spawn to which we got an apology, an explanation as to why he did it – angry with mom – imagine that, and an offer to clean up all the broken glass. I declined for him to pick up glass due to not needing a law suite if he cut himself, but confronted him instead. I know an opportunity when it presents itself.

Me: Our Family’s have been peaceful for over 40 years, there has never been any bad blood and we have always helped one another out. We have never done anything to you or your family and I need to know what your problem is with us?
Him: Silence, staring at the ground making no eye contact, and slumped posture.
Me: This has to stop it cannot continue, truce?
Him: Silence, nods head.

Interesting fact, my husband’s grandmother grew up in the house next door. We have photos of my husband’s mother as a toddler sitting on a stack of barn stone between the two properties. My husband’s grandmother’s brothers were the ones who built our house.

When my husband’s family sold the house next door it was Satan’s Spawn grandmother who purchased it. This is why there is so much history between the two families. The house also became an estate when the grandmother passed away. Not one person in the extended family could afford the early 1900’s farm house even though they tried. The family members destroyed this house. It just sold 3 months ago for $7,000.00. My neighbor, the husband and I wanted to purchase the house and have it salvaged/demo-ed and then split the lot. That didn’t happen and now we will wait and see who moves in this time.


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