Fences make Great Neighbors – Part 1

There was a time when ignorance was bliss. Oh yes, it was the most relaxing time of living in this city.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were times when we would say “that is just f*ed up”. Why do people park their cars on their front lawns? Why do people have trash everywhere in their yards and not pick it up?  What is up with these kids? Why must people blast there car stereos and rattle the windows of our home? But like a strike of lighting you push all those thoughts out of your head and proceed forward. Yes, ignorance is bliss and one thinks “we’ll show them the way”. Dumb, dumb thinking.

Eight years ago all that changed, we had the neighbors from hell. Satan’s Spawn, his brother and all his followers who accompanied him came and took residence right next door.

Satan’s Spawn wasn’t always like this; we had the rare privilege of watching this young man change, become angry and violent. The final product was him lashing out towards anything that was different than his world.

How did this happen?  Well once Satan’s Spawn’s family moved in we noticed – I kid you not, his momma had some issues.

One of them was trying to hide her crack use. “We see you pacing up and down your driveway with the glass pipe hanging from your lips lady.” The drinking – nothing like hanging out on the front porch with friends/family and passing that 40 back and forth, many 40’s. The overwhelming smell of Mary Jane lofting the air was common to the sense of smell.

Supervising her kids – the constant yelling and screaming when she decided to behave as a parent. The dead give away was the constant showing up of the police – we were not he ones calling at this time she was – I was told he, Satan’s Spawn, was trying to choke her.

Satan’s Spawn was 14 then, when the boy turned 15 all hell broke loose. He, his brother and their friends would leave gifts in our yard. Knives for the dogs to find, bullets placed by our tires – pointed up. Our house and truck egged, damage to our awning’s, Truck keyed, bird feeders shot out with pellet guns, gang fight on a Sunday afternoon complete with bricks and bats, hoop it up basketball games until 3:30 in the morning on week nights – someone has to work in order for them to sit their ass at home – threats when confronted with inappropriate behavior and the list keeps going on.

One night the Spawn and his posse were in their driveway displaying 2 guns. Complete with waving them in the air, pointing them at each other, re-enacting favorite gang clips from movies. I could not believe my eyes, the posse was advancing to the next level.

The ignorance was shattered, visits to the police station, calling the police, attending neighborhood watch meetings looking for any sort of salvation. All this crazy behavior prompted a daily, 7 days a week yard patrol which would be accompanied by an additional 32 feet of fencing down our driveway. When would this end, how did this happen, our neighborhood has a hostile enemy how do we get rid of it?

Thirty two feet of landscaping was going to be removed due to being damaged by Satan’s Spawn and his Posse – and a fence was going in. Yep, we were done with them.

To be continued….


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  1. 1 Thank You…..Mr. Landlord(s) « Rust Belt Rebel Trackback on June 16, 2010 at 7:39 PM

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